Clipix-A Fun Way to Bookmark the Web

With Roo on the way, my crafty bug has shifted into overdrive. I’m constantly searching the web for new craft ideas. I’ve recently found a fun way to bookmark the web: clipix. You can bookmark different ideas to your clipboards. I’ve already got a lot of fun crafting ideas for when Roo is  a toddler. 

One feature that sets Clipix apart from other sites out there is their privacy feature. You can set your boards to be viewable only to yourself, to just friends, or to everyone. I think this is a great idea, especially if you’re bookmarking gift ideas that you might not want your friends to see, in case the gift is for them! 

You can create boards for crafts, for remodeling your home, books to read, you name it. There is also an iPhone app for clipping on the go. You can reclip clips, post comments on other clips, and then share your favorite clips on Twitter or Facebook. 

Check out the Youtube video for more information on Clipix, and then come join in the fun! 

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    Impulsive Addict

    Someone else posted about this too. It looks really cool! Have you played around with it much?

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