2012 Grammy Awards

Bittersweet memories…that is all I’m taking with me. So I’ll go, but I know, I’ll think of you, every step of the way. And I will always love you. –Whitney Houston

I don’t usually post about awards shows, but I did tune for most of this year’s. I wanted to see the tribute song to Whitney Houston, and I wanted to check out this year’s fashions.

There were a few terrible performances, and some great ones. I found myself tearing up when Jennifer Hudson did her rendition of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

I know Whitney was a trainwreck in the last years of her life, but man did she have a voice. When I was a little girl I used to belt out her songs at the top of my lungs into my hairbrush while I pretended to be a world famous singer. I kept hoping she would turn her life around and get back to the music.

I thought Adele looked amazing in her simple black dress, and she rocked “Rolling in the Deep”. She also cleaned up big time, with 6 grammy awards. Look at how she’s holding them like babies. Cracked me up!

Most of the other performances made me just change the channel. I think I’m getting old because I thought a lot of it was just noise.

The fashion is one of the biggest reasons I bother to tune into awards shows. I love the outrageous clothes and epic fails. Take Fergie for instance. No…just…no.

Did you tune into the grammys? What did you think?



    I thought Jennifer Hudson was amazing. I have no idea how she could do that and not break down. She what, a day to prepare? She’s so young and all her peers and idols were watching. She impresses me. Okay…Adele too. 🙂

    Brittany E.

    I don’t usually watch award shows, they are just not my thing. But I will read about the fashions in the magazines! I was sad about Whitney too, I loved her as a kid. And the Greatest Love of All was actually the number one song when I was born! I just hope her daughter will be able to cope with this, its hard to lose your mother so young!


    Fergie was frightening!
    And NOBODY can top Whitney. 🙁


    I don’t watch award shows. They never give to the people I like. But I love to see the dresses. And Fergie, I agree. But at least it was on her and not Aretha.


    Oy, Fergie. When we she ever learn (or just get a stylish, I mean, come on now!).

    Why did Chris Brown–who beat up his then girlfriend Rhianna just a few years back before the Grammy’s–play, not one, but TWO songs!? And why did he win a Grammy? And then go off like a total d-bag on Twitter? Sorry. Not so much a fan of his.

    Other than that, I thought J Hud sounded fantastic, (never thought I’d say this, but–) really LOVED Taylor’s performance (it’s all about the banjo), was so happy for Adele, and thought Nikki Minaj was a train wreck. All in all, good performance show.

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