Friday Daydreamin’-Curling Up Like Kittens

Booth: [baby cries] You hear that?
Brennan: Sounds like a cat…-Bones

This Friday Daydreamin’ we’re supposed to write about what we love. I love curling up like kittens with my hubby. Yesterday it was so nice out that we decided to nap on our deck.

We watched the clouds float by and talked about how we’re going to camp out in the backyard in the summer. Then Match pointed to the lawn and said, “Can’t you just picture Roo camped out here in a tent?” I can’t wait for family “camping” trips to the backyard. Roasting smores around our firepit. I love daydreaming and curling up with my hubby like kittens.


    Becca@R Ww There Yet Mom?

    So sweet!!!

    Thanks for linking up today!!


    Connie Weiss

    That looks super comfortable!

    Impulsive Addict

    Is he really sleeping in that pic? Lexi would be cuddled up with us under the blanket. If I had a privacy fence up, I’d camp out in the backyard.


    What a nice place to have a nap! Backyard camping is the only kind that I would even consider doing. 🙂


    Oh how fun! We’ve camped in our camper in the back yard several times. I’m sure the neighbors think we are nuts.


    We used to lay out in the back yard just to see the stars and watch for airplanes.


    Family camp outs in the back yard rock. 🙂


    Love it!

    It’s too cold to nap outside here yet – but I am counting down the days ’til camping weather!


    I have a balcony on the 2nd floor of the house. It doesn’t run the full length of the front of the house, but I often think about sleeping out there in good weather. The closest I have gotten is an hour or 2 nap….Your deck looks like a great place to nap!


    Oh my sweetness. So much love for one post alone. Love that your hubs said that… Adorable 🙂


    A nap on the deck? You two are seriously precious.

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