9(8)? Weeks

Rachel: I can’t see it!
Ross: You-you just said that you did!
Rachel: I know, I lied! I didn’t want her to think I was a terrible mother! I can’t even see my own baby!
Ross: Oh sure, come here! (Sits her up) Sure you can! Uh, look come here look, (rolls the machine closer) it’s-it’s-it’s, it’s right there (Points).
Rachel: Oh. Oh, it’s beautiful. I see it now.
Ross: Do you really?
Rachel: No, I don’t see it!
Ross: Come on! Come on! Here, okay-okay, you see this? (Points) This tiny thing that looks like a peanut?
Rachel: Yeah.
Ross: Sweetie that’s it.
Rachel: That’s it? Well I saw that! Ohh-ohh-oh, thank you.
Ross: You’re welcome.
Rachel: Wow! I can’t believe that’s our baby.
Ross: Yeah, that’s our baby. –Friends

How Far Along:8 or 9 weeks (2 months people!) I really hate the week thing, but I’m facing facts, it’s just how they do it in gestation land. The doctor kept changing the dates on me, but according to my ovulation, I’m pretty sure it’s 9 weeks.
Size of Baby:  grape
Weight Gain: So far I’ve gain about 3 pounds. I’m hoping this is fairly normal. I think most of the weight gain is in my boobies, which is fine by me (and Match!)
Movement: this early it’s just gas. The room clearing kind. Oh pregnancy is just so glamorous.
Cravings: pepperoncinis on saltines with string cheese. It’s odd but really tasty. Also spicy cheezits.
Food Aversions: seafood, and certain food smells. I don’t know til I get a whiff, and then it’s like get that the HELL away from me or else!
Symptoms: so very very tired. It hits me at around 4pm and then it’s like a wall. WHAM! I have to lie down, close my eyes and take a cat nap. I also tend to get really nauseated right around this time. It goes away after I nap or if I take a walk. I’ve been lucky enough not to throw up yet, and I hope to be one of the lucky few who never does.

What’s on my mind: While I did luck out dodging the vomiting bullet, I haven’t been so lucky with the spotting. I know a lot of women spot during early pregnancy, but that doesn’t make it any less scary. At 5 weeks I had to go to the doctor for an early ultrasound with the medical computersdue to spotting. The doc found the little embryo and said all was well. A week later a panicked email to the doctor reassured me that once again the spotting wasn’t something to stress about. I was a nervous wreck as we waited for our first “official” appointment to check for a heartbeat.

But there it was at 7 (8?) weeks, this little flick flick flick on the screen. It was the most beautiful flicker I’ve ever seen. Then he hooked up the doppler and we were able to “hear” the heartbeat. Thump thump thump. I grabbed Match’s hands and we both just sat there with tears in our eyes. Hello little Roo.

I’ve continued to spot since then, and I try to just remember that thump thump thump when I start to panic. I know stress doesn’t do any good. I have to say a big THANK YOU to my bloggy friends who I’ve emailed while stressing about these little spot episodes. You have all been so good to me. Thanks for being there! I cannot wait til that 12 week mark when I can breathe a whole lot easier.

*Update: The spotting got worse last night and early this morning I was put on pelvic rest. No heavy lifting, no vigorous exercise, and no sex. 🙁 Please think positive thoughts for my little Roo.



    Yes, I spotted a bunch with my second and third and all was well. It is amazing and wonderful. I never really got sick but yes, always tired.


    Unfortunately for already stressed out momma’s, spotting IS normal and sometimes goes all the way through 9 months. 🙁
    Your craving is weird! Lol


    I can only imagine how scary/concerned you guys are…definitely sending positive thoughts your way.

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