On Meeting Match

Ted: we met online. What? There’s no stigma anymore!
Robin: there’s definitely a stigma. That’s why people say, ‘there’s no stigma anymore!’ –How I Met Your Mother

When we were driving up to Tahoe a few weeks ago with Walking Couple, they asked us how we met. Before we got married match and I would tell most people we met in a bar rather than online. We were embarrassed, which is silly. We finally got over it because why not tell people the truth? For one thing, it’s great for people to hear that dating websites free really do work. I’m no longer embarrassed of our story. In fact I think it’s kind of romantic. Out of all those women he found online, he chose me, and I him.

I still love to tease him about his profile picture and how I almost didn’t click on the email he’d sent. His picture was him with his shirt off carrying a chainsaw. He just looked like one of those egotistical tools in that picture. I later found out he was doing yard work for his parents, so that made it a little better. When I did look at the rest of his profile I saw funny pictures of him being silly and I realized he had a sense of humor. Its that goofy sense of humor that we still share today. I’m so glad I took that risk and put myself out there online. Just think of what I would be missing.



    I was just going to tag you because I haven’t heard from you in a while. Like no updates on your blog. Um. NOT TRUE! You’ve been updating but I can’t see it! Stupid blogger dashboard.


    I met my hubby in an AOL chatroom. I’ve probably told you that. We don’t tell everyone either.


    It’s so wonderful to hear a success story from two people who met online! I think it’s great… and you have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed about. So many people do it now.

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