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When I was stuck at my boring desk job, I used to try to come up with ways to get active throughout the day. My job required me to sit for long periods of time, and it contributed to a lot of weight gain. I think if we had a program like Cafe Well my coworkers and I would have really benefited from it. 

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Cafe Well is a Social Network that offers corporate wellness programs that aim to get their employees fit. They have a specific program called Race to the Moon (available only to select Health American members) that motivates members to get fit by walking or rewards them for their progress. If I had a program like that at my previous job you can bet I would have taken the stairs a LOT more! 

If I were still working for that company, or any company for that matter, I would want to help create a fitness challenge. For me it would be a workout challenge that I could do with my coworkers or friends. We could challenge each other to see how many steps we could take each day. This could be something as simple as parking further away from stores and walking; taking the stairs, or walking on our lunch break. Think of the possibilities! 

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