Talk to Us Tuesday-Tahoe Bound!

Are those snowshoes hard to walk in? They’re tennis rackets, aren’t they? – Kelso, That 70 s Show

I’m chatting it up with these lovely ladies: IA and Seriously Shawn

Today we’re hitting the road bright and early with Walking Couple. I’m sorry I just can’t come up with more clever nicknames. Maybe after this trip I’ll have some!

Walking Couple invited us to this overnight stay shortly after we met them. I’m so excited to find couple friends that make the effort, and where we don’t feel like we’re constantly the ones asking them to do stuff. That’s how Sassy Couple are too, and I love it! Anyhoo, they found a deal online and we got a great hotel for half the price it normally is!

The deal includes one night stay, a choice of either snowshoeing, cross country skiing or ice skating, and an evening of roasting smores around the hotel’s outdoor fireplace. We’re hoping to snowshoe but Tahoe is severely lacking in snow this season. So we may just end up hiking. Either way I can’t wait!



    Looks like it’ll be a great vacation!

    Becca@R Ww There Yet Mom?

    UGH!! So jealous – I would love to got to Tahoe!! Please take pics!! Perfect for Friday Daydreamin’!!!


    Connie Weiss

    That looks like so much fun!

    Seriously Shawn

    Now that sounds like fun! I want to come too!

    I love the new signature!

    Thanks for linking up-ish 😉


    That looks like an awesome get away!
    Have fingers crossed for more snow!

    Impulsive Addict

    I am so glad that you have made some friends. I love to snowshoe! When exactly is this trip?

    When did you get that new signature?

    Thanks for linking up!! =)


    Looks like an awesome place..I have driven through Tahoe, but never stayed..definitely going to put it on our bucket list of places to go!

    (FL) Girl with a New Life

    Looks wonderful. Dreaming of vacation. *Sigh*

    Brittany E.

    I am all sorts of jealous! I hope it is amazing. And BTW, I really love the new signature. Beautiful.

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