TTUT-The Candy Cane Lane Tradition

So kids, I settled in for Christmas alone. I appreciated that Ted wanted to cheer me up, but honestly, it wasn’t necessary. -Robin, How I Met Your Mother

I’m linking up with my two favorite elves: IA and Seriously Shawn

Here’s what I’ve been up to: 

    Merry Christmas everyone! Today I’m actually home alone tonight (sad) because Match is at work. But don’t feel too bad for me; we will be celebrating with the in-laws tomorrow. On Thursday, colds and all, Match, Monkey, and I went to Candy Cane Lane here in our new city. It’s definitely going to become a Christmas tradition for us. We bundled up, grabbed some apple cider and walked through the magic that is Candy Cane and Lollipop Lanes.

    Click on the picture and it should get bigger so you can see all the pretty lights up close.  I told Match I wanted to deck out our house like this next year, and he said, “Good luck hanging those lights!”

    I need these little penguins in my yard. Aren’t they the cutest?

    We had fun walking through the lanes, and I can’t wait to bring our kids here someday. Next year Match should have Christmas off! I’m very excited about that. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday!



    So pretty! There is a neighborhood in our city that goes all out, so fun to see.

    Seriously Shawn

    Sorry you were Matchless, I’m sure he will more than make up for his absence.

    We have something simular here called Christmas Lane, t’s kind of cool but doing something like that is way out of the question. Fighting with the lights on my couple of trees is enough to turn me into the Grinch, I so couldn’t handle 20,000 more!

    Thanks for linking up, have a very happy and safe New Year!

    Kristy @PampersandPinot

    That is beautiful! I love your attitude about embracing being alone for part of Christmas. Might as well look on the bright side!


    Hello! I love those pictures. It brings back the kid at heart in me. 🙂

    I know it’s late but I’d like to greet you Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012!

    By the way, if it is not too much to ask, may I invite you to join my humble giveaway

    It would really make me happy. 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    I know, I know…I suck. Blogging with the in laws over my shoulder isn’t working out well for me. I’m squeezing in a few comments here and there. I’m loving all the pics and that adorable collage you put together! Love your face chick-a-dee!! xoxo


    Hey Date Girl
    I love the photos of Candy Cane land. Ryan and I did a similar thing in Brisbane Australia this year, it’s definitely going to be a new tradition for us. We took our two dogs, Maverick and Rhiley and walked down one street here that had 30 houses all done up. People don’t quite go as nuts in Australia with decorations, but our light shows are becoming a lot more impressive.

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