Pizza Night with the Deputies

Junior: The Skunk Scouts are like a second family to me; a family that all wear the same clothes.
Brendon: Well I would have to be like ultimate skunk commander or something.
Junior: Oh you have to earn that. You see this badge, I got this badge for earning that badge. –Home Movies 

Last night we hung out with a bunch of the deputies from Match’s shift. So far I have only met his corecruits that he went to academy with. A lot of these guys have been in the force for awhile, and there was another couple that are newer to this life than we are.

We met up at a pizza restaurant where the waiter seemed overwhelmed by the restaurant’s Aldelo System . Walking Buddy and her hubby were there, along with their two sweet boys. We met another couple, who also live in our town, and we clicked right away. Match and I were fighting colds, but we still managed to have fun. I also got to snuggle Walking Buddy’s youngest, who kept trying to head butt me.  He’s such a little cutie. I really hope I didn’t get him sick. I don’t think so because I was already showing symptoms, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t contagious (I hope!!)

I’m looking forward to getting together with this group when we’re both feeling 100%. I love that this group is so close. Apparently they get together for dinner quite a bit. I’m excited to be making more friends in the LEO life. It’s so nice to hang out with wives that understand that my husband isn’t always around, and know what it’s like to have him working on the holidays. I’m looking forward to a lot more dinners with this crew. It’s true that Match’s fellow officers really do become like a second family, and I am honored to be a part of it.

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