A Wonderfully Full and Warm House

Pete: (To Berg) We’re having a surprise housewarming party for Johnny and Sharon.
Germ: I don’t have the address.
Pete: Well, meet me at the party and I’ll give it to you there. –Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

The first Saturday of this month, Match and I hosted an open housewarming party. Our house was meant to be filled with people. It felt so warm and cozy, surrounded by our loved ones. The house was full of laughter, little ones running around playing, and most of all, love.

I had so much fun making some of the Christmas decorations for the party. Instead of wine charms I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of wine glasses and painted them with Christmas themes. I decided to keep them for next year, because you know I will be having another Christmas party!

Then I got the idea to paint one of my favorite quotes from the movie Elf. It turned out crooked but I figure that just adds to the charm right? šŸ˜‰

I also got some inspiration from pinterest, which actually came from this blog. I spray painted old wine bottles, added sticks I found in the driveway, and voila. This little centerpiece was completely free!

You can’t quite tell from the picture but there is glitter on the bottles and they sparkle slightly.

Match’s mom brought us the essential entryway adornment.

Here’s the table with all the goodies.

It cracks me up that no matter the size, everyone always ends up in the kitchen.

Good Couple came and Good Wife showed off her baby bump. Did I mention she’s pregnant with TWINS? First time mama…she is going to be a busy bee!

Monkey says…please someone just throw the ball!

Monkey made us proud by being VERY patient with the boys. I was nervous because he’s not around kids that often but he was so good. Look at him with Moose’s girlfriend’s son. He was loving all the food he dropped. Look at the grin on his face in this picture. Doesn’t he need a little boy best friend? I think so.

Here’s Couple Toddler giving him loves.


Neighbor Couple were also there but I didn’t manage to snap their picture.

At the end of the night, it was just Couple Family (minus Couple baby who stayed home) and us. We curled up on our comfy furnitureĀ and visited. Match and Couple toddler had a blast goofing off. Look at the way Match lights up around kids. Is that not the cutest thing?

Watch out, Uncle Match loves to eat baby toes!!

We also had our first family photo in the new house.

It was an awesome house warming and hopefully just the first of many more parties to come.




    I love the picture of the “elf” quote! I think it looks great!

    Meghan Furst

    You & your “Gatherings” represent all that is good today in America. Someone had to say it.


    So glad it turned out great! Love the sparkles on the bottles!!

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