Review Extravaganza-Part 1

I’m joining the:

January 2011:

I started my Project 52 list. Match and I rang in the New Year with a bit of a fizzle. I got another one of my terrible skin rashes and spent most of the month an itchy anxious mess.  January wasn’t my favorite month.

Feb 2011:

Match’s graduation was fast approaching, and I was preparing to become a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) wife. We had some dinners with friends, and I dealt with a lot of work stress.

I was also cooking as an outlet to my stress. I learned how to make Match’s favorite dessert, cheesecake:

and I ate way too much cookie dough:

caught in the act!

Subsequently, the first half of the year I was quite a few pounds heavier. And Match because he was in academy was quite a few pounds skinnier. Monkey did a great job of maintaining his puppish figure.

 March 2011:

I picked out a fabulous dress in preparation for Match’s graduation party. I also started working out and stopped eating so much damn cheesecake.

Match and I enjoyed some quality time together in between his stressful academy testing. Most memorable was our date in the city.

I finally had my last day of work where I seat danced all the way there and all the way home. I finally stopped having headaches and I got over my Migraine drug free. All it took was quitting my job!

The end of March kicked off what would be a much better portion of the year. It was also the month we decided to start a family, and it marked a big change for both of us, in many different ways. Those first few months of 2011 were rough going, and I’m happy that they’re behind us!


    Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy

    looks like a good way to start the year. you look hot in that dress!


    It sounds like a few people had a rough start to 2011…Looking forward to reading the next segment!! 🙂

    Sarah Kate

    That dress is HOTTT!!!! Love it!!!

    And don’t feel bad. I think we ALL pack on a nice cushion in the winter. There’s probably some sort of ancestral explanation for it. :o)

    Connie Weiss

    I love cheesecake!! IT’s one of the things that I can make really well.


    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting yesterday–I’ve missed you! So exciting that you are thinking of starting a family 🙂

    My year started off well, took a bit of a turn in July, and is now looking up again. Here’s hoping for all good things in 2012!

    Emmy Mom

    Thanks so much for playing along!! You look awesome in that dress! And yes, I don’t make cookies that often because I eat way too many. And I now have your first point recorded for week one 🙂


    I try really hard to not eat the cookie dough any more. But it’s just so good. I am excited to see your next installment!

    Grumpy Grateful Mom

    Haha! Your last day at work dance made me laugh. I’ve know that feeling before.

    And that cheesecake may have been worth a few extra pounds–looks delicious!

    It’s nice to look back and realize you made it through a tough time! Hopefully the beginning of 2012 is better for you. 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    YAY FOR ME! I’m pretty sure I’ve read ALL of those posts!

    You totally rocked that LBD (little black dress).

    And I’m so glad you quit that horribly long drive to work! GOOD FOR YOU!


    Wait, you can eat too much cookie dough…oh crap!

    Heather's Happenings

    Now I want some cheesecake! How yummy. You look amazing in that dress!

    I love your date in SF! I have never tried sushi, I think I’ll have to someday.


    You look fantastic in that dress!! And the cheesecake…delish! I want some…right now. :-/

    Em (from Emilisq)

    yep, we can all agree on one thing: january SUCKS!!! i’m from half moon bay so your sushi date to san fran made me homesick, even though i was just there over thanksgiving. i frequently seat dance. in fact, my father in law says i’m a star car dancer. one of my many talents. oh how i love these year in review posts!


    You look great in that dress! It looks like it was a fun 3 months aside from the itchy January that is!


    Your pictures are so cute!! You and Match are a really good looking couple together!! I am so ready for my husband to finish his masters- its taking up so much time and we have till 2013! agh!! Love that dress!!


    That cheesecake looks delicious! Seriously! And I’m not even a fan of cheesecake. I am NOW! I have never dared researching why cookie dough packaging tells you not to eat it. I don’t want to know. I eat too much of it, too 😉


    I seat dance on the daily.


    you are totally rocking that little black dress.

    Merry Christmas to you and your handsome husband.



    That sexy black dress looks so fab in you! Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with the one you love 🙂


    That is sheer joy in your face in that last picture. Congrats on making the right choice to quit. And you looked absolutely fabulous in that black dress! 🙂


    Wow you look amazing in your LBD! Sounds like with the exception of January you had a great start of the year! You look so happy in that last picture!

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