Hosting Our First Thanksgiving

Oh, Gregory, darling, every bride thinks she wants to cook a Thanksgiving dinner and it always ends up the same. Someone cries, someone is rushed to the emergency room and a perfectly lovely bird gets wasted. Which, if I don’t eat soon, will be me. –Kitty, Dharma & Greg

Since Match had to work on Thanksgiving, we held our dinner on Saturday. It was of course the first Thanksgiving in our new place, but also the very first time I’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving. It was also the first time we had guests in our house. I was nervous because I’ve never cooked a Thanksgiving meal before, but with a lot of help from my Father in-law, it turned out perfectly. We invited Sassy Family over and we had the house full of family, friends and laughter.

My FIL did the cooking of the bird and one side dish, but the rest of the food I took care of. My mother in-law helped by setting the ambiance, lighting candles and helping me set the table.

I attempted to make a toast at dinner but I got too choked up. All I could get out was that I never imagined our first home to be this nice, and to be able to share it with such great friends and family was more than we could have hoped for.

Match did a great job of entertaining our guests by playing ping pong with Sassy Guy in the garage. He also did all of the dishes because he’s a good hubby.

After dinner we played board games, and then we broke out the wii. It was so funny watching my MIL play with Sassy Kid. My MIL is pretty competitive and Sassy Kid was kicking her butt!

Sassy Kid also took a big interest in our hall closet. She called it Narnia and she made us play in it.

 Sassy Baby entertained us with all kinds of adorable antics, like this, where she found Monkey’s crate.

It was so great having the house full of our loved ones, and watching the little ones run around and play. It makes me so excited for when our future kids will be running around here. I am so thankful for our family and friends, and for my Match. I feel so blessed and grateful for everything we have. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!



    Impulsive Addict

    Awww…your dining room table was set up so nicely! I’m so glad to hear that everything went well for your first Thanksgiving hosting gig. I think we’re hosting Christmas this year. I’ve never hosted anything with family at my house. We lived in Texas for 7 years and now that we’re back in Oklahoma, my house is still 1.5 hours away so we always do it closer to the bulk of family members which is usually at my moms house. So I’m kind of excited about it!! =) Oh, plus my inlaws will be here for an undisclosed amount of time. They are DRIVING. Oy.

    I miss you. We’ll catch up soon!!


    happy thanksgiving!!! i’m sure it turned out fantastically!!

    Sarah Kate

    That is so sweet that you got choked up! To me, that’s Thanksgiving – realizing how good we really have it.

    I bet you did a fab job with all the food, too!!!


    The table looked so great! Good job!! 🙂

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