The Holidays Are Here

 Now in the spirit of the holiday season, start shopping! -Krusty, The Simpsons

I can’t believe that the holidays are already upon us. As if the television commercials and radio ads would possibly let us forget. Is it just me or have all of the crazy Christmas ads started way too early this year?

I’ve got a much shorter list this year because I’m trying to simplify Christmas. That and we just bought a house so I think people understand that we can’t swing big gifts. Plus for me Christmas gifts are always about something heartfelt and often homemade.

That said, I will definitely be getting my niece and nephew something store bought, but online. I can’t stand the crowds, so I always opt for the online deals. I am the boring aunt who always gets them practical gifts like clothes because I know they have way too many toys as it is. I’ve been looking for cute   clothes for girls for my little niece and found a bunch of great stuff at Aeropostale. She is so much fun to shop for! Also my sister in-law tends to get her clothes that I think are way too old for her. I like to get her stuff that’s more innocent. She’s only 3!

I wish I could visit my niece and nephew this holiday. Hopefully my brother will make it down next year. It’s tough being far away from them, but hopefully we can skype at Christmas. Have you started shopping for the holidays yet?

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    don’t forget to use ebates when shopping online!!! 🙂

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