Escrow Sucks

[Bart and Lisa have come up with a song to help Marge study for her realtor’s license and are singing it to Homer]
Bart, Lisa, and Marge: On the closing day, the escrow agents pay Taxes, liens and interest too, thanks to Fannie Mae
Bart: They back your bank
Homer: You’re all nuts. –The Simpsons

One of my readers once told me house hunting sucks, but house buying is wonderful. I would have to say that escrow also sucks. I had this beautiful post all written up for Friday, about how it was 11.11.11 and how it was a lucky day, and how it was so fitting that I would get the keys and close escrow on this lucky day. Well…my title company sucks the big one and even though our loan funded Thursday, in the morning, and our realtor and loan officer was sure we’d get the keys that day, we didn’t get possession of the house because title didn’t record it. Even though they had ALL DAY.  We get the keys Monday morning which is still exciting, but we could have had them yesterday. Which meant Match would have had work off and we would have had all weekend to get moved in. Instead we are stuck looking at this scene for another couple of days.

On a happier note, we decided to spring for movers. Match works all week and wouldn’t be able to help move until next week. We also seem to have a depressingly low number of friends willing to help us move. In fact only Sassy Guy said yes! And he lives the furthest away! So I said to hell with it, we’re getting movers so we can get it done on Tuesday. I think it’s worth the money, considering we’ll get a refund from our landlord for leaving early, since his daughter is moving in and is anxious to do so. Plus we don’t have to break our backs moving everything ourselves like we’ve done in the past.

I’ll be sad that Match won’t be there with me when I go pick up the keys, or the first time I walk in the home as the official owner. But he promised that when he does get there, he’s going to take me outside and then carry me over the threshold, proper married style!


    Kristy @PampersandPinot

    Oh, good luck to you! Those kinds of things are so stressful!

    Aaron McGlauchlen

    I think i can understand you frustration, wanting to enter a new house that too on 11-11-11, must have been great. but at least you can remember that you got the keys a day after 11-11-11, still not bad! good luck with your new house, do post the pictures in the upcoming posts!

    I hope the move went smoothly!


    movers are worth every single penny! they get it done and done fast… i used movers for the first time when i bought and it was wonderful! good luck unpacking all of your boxes!!

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