Halloween in a Small Town

[dressed as Charlie Chaplin] So apparently no one dresses up for Halloween here. I wish I had known that before I used grease paint for my mustache. And I can’t even take off my hat… because then I’m Hitler.-Pam, The Office

The second night we were in Oregon was also the weekend before Halloween. Match and I decided to go down to the local bars and do a little people watching. I scrounged up a weak attempt at a costume: some mouse ears and a tail my mom had in the attic. Match wore his plaid shirt and was going to carry around paper towels and be the Brawny man. At the last minute he chickened out and just went as himself. Turd!

I thought we’d see more crazy costumes but we really didn’t. There were a few slutty girls, and a few funny costumes, but overall pretty typical stuff. It was still fun to get out of the house and people watch for a few hours.

Next year we’re going to kick Halloween butt and host a big ol’ party at our new house. How was your Halloween? Did you do anything fun?


    Emmy Mom

    Just handed out candy while my husband took the kids trick-or-treating. Though I did sort of dress up for our church Halloween party. So nothing wild and crazy but at least I kind of did something 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    What a chicken! Next year, he HAS to dress up! You make sure he knows that.

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