Friday Daydreamin’-The Proposal Spot

Hilary: It’d a Bungee jump proposal
: Oh please, whatever happened to getting down on one knee
: Daddy thats for old fogees
: I got down on one knee
: Sustained! –The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

We just got home from vacation yesterday and I’m wishing we were still in Oregon. I’ve been dying to show you guys the proposal spot where Match proposed. The only picture I had from that night was pitch black. So here is the spot. You can see why he picked it right? It’s incredible.

I made him re-enact the moment. I know, I’m so cheesy.

I wish we could live on the Oregon coast. If only there were some high paying Veterinary Technician Jobs that I could get, and Match could transfer his sheriff deputy job. I’m pretty sure Match and I would move in a heartbeat. But for now I’m content with visiting once or twice a year. I can’t wait until we can bring our kids here and show them where Daddy proposed.


    Becca@R We There Yet Mom

    Oh my goodness!!! I love this – it is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a sweet sweet moment for you with us.

    And thanks for linking up!! Hope you had a great vacation – can’t wait to hear more about it.



    Looks like a beautiful spot. Where on the Oregon coast is it? More importantly, was Match wearing the monkey hat when he proposed?

    Vivienne @ The V Spot

    Yes, Steve asked the question that I had first: The Monkey Hat…?

    It looks like a beautiful spot! I love Oregon and would move in a heartbeat if I could.


    What a sweet guy to go along with reenacting the proposal so you could take a photo! And Oregon looks beautiful too!

    Impulsive Addict

    Bwhahaha!!! The monkey hat is hilarious! But this is a super sweet post!! I’m glad you’re back and had such a great time!



    OK, don’t think I’m a stalker but did yall get those hats for Christmas last year? The proposal spot is beautiful! Dustin proposed to me in……wait for it….a movie theater parking lot.

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