Night Out With Our Soon To Be Neighbors

Appletini please, easy on the tini. -JD, Scrubs

Way back at Match’s graduation party, I mentioned bonding with one of the wives of the recruits. Match and her husband actually work together at the jail now, and they’ve gotten even closer over the last six months. We’ve had them over for dinner, they’ve had us over, and we’re discovering that we have a lot in common, including where we want to live. I’ve been trying to come up with a nickname for them, because we’re still getting to know them, but now that we’re moving into the same town, I think I’ll just call them Neighbor Couple. Because I’m terribly creative.

Anyramblingness, Neighbor Guy is actually the one who suggested his town to Match one day at work. We had never been there and once we visited, we fell in love. It’s so nice to know that even though it’s a brand new town, we’ll already have some built in friends.

Last Saturday was Neighbor Girl’s birthday and she invited the two of us along to celebrate. We got to meet her group of friends and it turned out to be a really fun night. Her friends were really laid back and friendly. There wasn’t a hint of cattiness from the girls, or brotardness from the guys. I think it helped that they were almost all couples, so no one was out there peacocking.


We started the night at a restaurant aptly named Burgers and Brew. They had so many different beers on tap and the food was so good!

We drank a few beers and I chatted with a very friendly couple that had brought along their 11 week old baby. I told them they were my heroes and I loved how they were already socializing their little one. He was such a chill little guy too. He barely cried, and he just sat looking around and quietly observing our craziness.

After we ate our fill, we walked two doors down to a very cool bar called The Shady Lady. It was a 1920’s themed bar, and among the top 10 bars I’ve ever been to. I loved the deco, the atmosphere, and the drinks were amazing.

At one point in the night, I went to get myself a drink at the bar. There were two guys in steel cufflinks  waiting for drinks as well, and said they’d been waiting quite awhile. I laughed and said I’d try to flag down the bartender with my feminine wiles. When the bartender ignored me too, he laughed and said it was because of my wedding ring. “It’s my bar kryptonite!” I told him. Then the bartender noticed me, and I made sure the guys put in their drink order with me. They both ordered super girly drinks while I ordered a stout. We all laughed as they said, “Yeah, you definitely have bigger balls than us!”

We had a great night out and I can’t wait to hang out with Neighbor Couple again soon!


    Meghan Furst

    I am VERY proud of you two for getting a house – that’s awesome. I must comment on your choice of “Neighbor Couple” & etc. Maybe you should name them, “Recruit Couple”. Just suggesting this cuz you’ll undoubtedly make friends with others in your new town & then what will you do? “Fav Neighbor Couple”? “Next-door Neighbor Couple”? “Neighbor-down-the-street Couple”? It could get serious here.


    That’s the dream to meet another couple that has stuff in common with you too! Well done! Sounds like a fun night! 🙂

    Sarah Kate

    I love the idea of a 1920’s themed bar! I’d feel the need to dress up as a flapper if I ever went. :o)

    Brotardness! Love it!! ;o) I’m going to have to find a way to use that word soon.

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