Friday Daydreamin’-Favorite Halloween Photo

[Haley walks in with a revealing nurse costume]
Claire: What the hell is that?
Haley: What? You told me to put on an old costume.
Claire: Not from when you were eight. Are you trying to get candy or Japanese business men? Change it. Go.-Modern Family

This week Becca asked us to post our favorite Halloween photo and describe it. It was 2008, and it was my first Halloween with Match. He was The White Rabbit and I was Alice. It was the last year I wore a slutty Halloween costume, and the first time I’d ever worn a couple’s costume. I couldn’t pick just one photo, so here are a few.

Match was fighting a losing battle with his rabbit hood falling over his face.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the night. I love that Match played along with me and wore that ridiculous hood all night.

We haven’t dressed up in a couple’s costume since, and I really miss it. Hopefully next year we will when we have a Halloween party at our house! There’s still hope that we can throw something together up in Oregon too. We’ll see what I can dig out of my parent’s attic. What are you doing for Halloween this year?


    Becca@R Ww There Yet Mom?

    Such a cute couples costume – you rocked it momma!

    We hardly ever dress up anymore, but this year we were invited to a couples party and are going a Clive Bixby & Juliana – Phil & Claire’s “role-play” names from Modern Family!!

    Happy Halloween!
    Thanks for linking up!!



    I love those costumes! Couples costumes are fun. This year, Dan and I are going as Batman and Robin.


    Great costumes! And I love the Modern Family quote – as the mom to a teenage daughter, I totally relate to Claire.

    Impulsive Addict

    You little hottie, you! I loved that idea for a costume.

    We are heading to Texas today to see the besties and take part in the saturday festivities (kids first, then it’s ADULT TIME!) I can’t wait!

    Drive safe to Oregon my friend. Have so much fun!


    Aw, I love that! Hubby and I have never dressed up in couples costumes…he usually goes as a firefighter which is easy since he is one. lol

    Sarah Kate

    This is such a cute idea! And you make an adorable Alice! :o)

    I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since I was 21. :o( I miss it, too.

    Connie Weiss

    What a great couples costume!

    We haven’t dressed up as a couple since either. I thought it was great fun!


    You guys looked so cute! I miss slutty costumes. HA!

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