Talk to Us Tuesday-#6 Pumpkin Fest Fails and Moving Boxes

Um, could we go back to the haunted house? Cause, this is creeping me out.-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s my fav bloggy day of the week, Talk to Us Tuesday with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn.

  • Last week I told ya we were heading to the Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay with Sassy Family. Well, the problem is, so was the rest of the bay area apparently. It was a shoulder to shoulder crap fest. We tried to make the best of it, but it really was terrible. Here’s how much of the giant pumpkins I was able to see:

  • The highlight of the day was getting to take Sassy Daughter through the haunted house. No one else wanted to go so it was just her and me. How cute is she in her little Alice costume? She was so shy when the pirate talked to her.

She was totally freaked out, even by the decorations. She grabbed my hand and held on tight. When we walked through the haunted house, she actually jumped into my arms and hung on like a little spider monkey! It was the sweetest thing.

  • After the haunted house we parted ways with Sassy Fam. They were just as overwhelmed by the crowd as we were. So Match and I headed up to Marin and grabbed dinner at a pub. It was a nice evening and I was happy it was just the two of us.
  • In House news, we heard back about the appraisal. The great news is that it appraised for more than we’re paying for it, so we have instant equity. Woohoo! The not so great news is the super picky FHA people are requiring that a small part of the outside be repainted before they’ll approve the loan (lame). But that is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. I’m just so relieved they didn’t find any deal breakers. Next step is just to get the loan finalized!
  • I’m so excited to move for what should be a very, very long time. I counted it out and I’ve moved 14 times in the last 10 years. How ridiculous is that?
  • In  travel news, it will be just 11 days we’ll be leaving for Oregon to see my family!! I cannot wait.

    Connie Weiss

    I think my daughter will be 20 before she’s ready to go in a haunted house. She scared of everything!

    Great news about the house!


    Wow, that’s a lot of moving!

    Impulsive Addict

    I love a good haunted house! I wish we could have went in together! We would have acted like little teenagers!

    I know you’re super excited about the house! Get to paintin’ girl!! You’ve gotta get my room ready! 😉

    Thanks for linking up with us!



    Holy hell, that was a pirate talking to her? That dude is creepy!! I’m terrified of that kind of stuff– Sassy does look cute! 🙂 Congrats on the house appraisal. FHA always seems to find something– when buying our new house they wanted us to move ant mound dirt away from the house first and have a professional say it was done. gimme a break. freakin dirt mounds? ugh.


    Hey we had to paint and replace sidewalk when we moved into our new house–theoretically the home owners did it but we moved in early and did it for rent. Hey anything to get the right house.
    Hope things keep moving forward for you!


    We went to a place similar to that around here a few years ago – no kids with us, but I did enough shrieking for all the little girls there! haha! They had this big scary guy walking around in some sort of lizard/alien costume? Freaked me right out!!!

    Seriously Shawn

    Looks like the haunted trail was at least fun. I’m not big on crowds either.

    We have a great outdoor haunted trail. An entire neighborhood works together and gives all the money to charity every year. It is better than anything I’ve gone through at Busch Gardens or Universal, they really know what they’re doing!


    I’m having issues with the internet today… bummer!!!

    we had to paint the porch post on this house before we moved in… so no biggy.


    Sarah Kate

    Booooo on the crowded pumpkin festival. I can’t stand large crowds unless I’m drunk or listening to REALLY good music. ;o)

    BTW – I think you’re going to be an excellent momma one day. The way sassy Daughter clung to you is precious! :o)


    What are those pumpkins on??? Steroids? I bet they’d make some good pumpkin bread

    Becca@R Ww There Yet Mom?

    Yay!! Congrats on the house! I am super excited for you!!!

    14 times in 10 years!!! DANG!



    My favorite place was this Haunted Mill we went with hubby’s brother. It’s in Idaho. Looks like fun!

    Where in Oregon are you going? This week has been sunny and nice! Hope by the time you get up here, it’ll still be that way!

    Myya Says...

    I am with your little miss, no haunted stuff for me. My hubs LOVES all things scary but hell to the no I don’t want any part of it. LOL.

    Yay on the house. I hope all the little stuff works out smoothly.

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