Desperately Need Some New Specs

Match has been bugging me to get new sunglasses since we met three years ago. The problem is, my glasses are prescription. I’ve been procrastinating getting new ones because they’re always so expensive. But let’s face it guys, mine are fugly. I mean, look at them:

What I want are the same frames as Match’s sun eyeglasses but with a prescription. I’m not sure if that’s even a possibility though. I’ve been avoiding it because they’re so expensive to replace. But now that I’m due for an eye exam anyways, I need to bite the bullet.

Lucky for me I stumbled across where they carry multifocal glasses, regular, and Rx glasses online. They guarantee the lowest prices and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I’ve never purchases glasses online before, but they have this really fun virtual mirror where you can sort of “try them on”.

Right now they’re also offering a few sales: Take $25 off any order of transitions lenses with code Trans25, or 10% off any order with code Blog10. If you’re in the market for new glasses you should check them out. After I get my new prescription I’m going to be ordering a new pair. Hopefully ones that Match doesn’t make fun of. 😉


    Gigi Baby

    How serendipitous I am up for an eye exam myself but im thinking contacts! For watever reason this post reminds me of that song Sunglasses At Night idk if you know it it is an 80s song lol random I know lol

    Loves and likes ya <3

    Impulsive Addict

    I think your glasses are GREAT! You’re such a cutie anyway.

    I got your text late tonight. I had a busy day and Emma is sick. I hate when my babies are sick. Anyway, I am so excited that everything with the appraisal went so well. That’s always a good thing! So what’s the next step?

    I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed. Emma has been up 3 different times. She is running a fever.=(

    Get to packin’ up early girl!! Let the fun begin!


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