Friday Daydreamin’-Corn Maze

Leslie: Well, The Douche, it’s a Pawnee tradition, and it’s where fun meets awesome…meets agriculture. And it is gonna be next month right here in Pawnee and – spoiler alert – it’s gonna have the best corn maze ever. –Parks & Recreation

Since the overly chippy weather girl has so aggravatingly forecast yet another HOT day (seriously California? It’s supposed to be FALL!!) I’m daydreamin’ about an actual fall day. Where I can wear a sweatshirt and run around in a corn maze! We are going to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, but I think I’m going to have to wear shorts. Shorts! It’s blasphemy I tell you!

So I am daydreamin’ of my first fall with Match, and the first time I’d ever been in a corn maze. Yes I was 25 the first time I went in a corn maze. I know, I was missing out!

It still wasn’t a super cold day, but at least I was wearing jeans.

Don’t mind the pervy corn maze pictures. Match has a knack for those!


    Myya Says...

    These are the funniest corn maze pictures I have ever seen! Totally reminds me of my brother in law!!!

    Connie Weiss

    Your hubby has nice….corn!

    Enjoy an Iced Coffee while you pumpkin maze!

    Becca@R Ww There Yet Mom?

    Wow – not what I have ever encountered in a corn maze! Mine are always filled with screaming, running, crazy kids!!

    Have fun!
    Thanks for linking up!


    Sarah Kate

    Hahaha! I’m lovin’ the pervy Match pictures! He’s such a goofball! :o)

    Ya’ll should try going through this at night. I love doing them then with a flashlight. So creepy.

    I hope you get some fall weather soon. Seems like everywhere but CA and TX are getting the summertime relief!

    Vivienne @ The V Spot

    Those pix are too funny! I’ve never been in a corn maze. (And I’m OK with that…) 🙂
    Definitely too hot in CA lately.

    Impulsive Addict

    LOVING Match’s desire for a corn dong! And big massive boobies! HAHAHAHA!

    Ok, so I’ve never been to a corn maze. I’m not even really sure I’ve ever heard of one. Oklahoma is so lame.

    Those pics are great. I scrolled back up to take one more peek! 😉

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