Friday Daydreamin’-Philly Cheesesteaks

Ted: The truth is: My friend, he does this thing where he goes to airports with fake luggage to pick up girls and we followed some here to Philadelphia. That’s it, that’s all this is!
Airport Security Guard: Nobody’s that lame. –How I Met Your Mother

I realized after joining this little linky party that I really haven’t been too many places, especially with Match. We’ve been to Seattle once, Carmel, Tahoe, and Oregon. That’s it! We really need to get out there and see the world. So I was looking through some old photos of my Pre-Match days, and I stumbled across my weekend trip to the East Coast.

It was probably the most awkward trip in the world. I went to see my boyfriend at the time, Coast Guard Guy, graduate from the Coast Guard in Cape May, NJ. What made it awkward was that his mom, whom I’d never met before the trip, was my travel buddy. She was also with us everywhere. Oh, and CG and I were on the brink of breaking up, so it was awkward sauce all around. I wasn’t going to go, but the flight was so cheap and I had never been to the east coast, so I went.

Why am I daydreaming of it then you say? Well we made an overnight stop in Philadelphia and actually took some time to go sight seeing. I would love to go back there with Match and really experience Philly. I never even got to try the cheesesteaks!

We were only there for one night, but we did manage to see the rocky steps. Adrian!!

It would be so fun to go back to Philadelphia with Match and stay for more than one night, recreate all of these pictures, and not have his mom there. Well, at least my MIL likes me. This chick, on the flight told me that she was pretty sure her son was going to dump me…an hour into our cross country flight…Ouch! Just looking at them makes me grimace a little because that guy was such a JERK and his mom was such a biatch.

I also really want to see the Liberty bell and check out the museums. Too bad flights aren’t as cheap as they were back in 2007. My roundtrip ticket from California to Philadelphia was a whopping $99 bucks! True story. Now that’s something to daydream about!


    Becca@R Ww There Yet Mom?

    HA! I love it! Thanks for sharing your Philly trip without, even if it involved awkwardness!!

    I hope you keep linking up – you can post about places you want to go someday, places near by where you live, something you’d do on a vacation or even staycation – tons of ideas!!!


    Connie Weiss

    I really want to go to Philly for two things.

    1. A real live Philly Cheesesteak
    2. See an Army Navy game!

    I’m proud of you for going anyway…for the experience!

    Connie Weiss

    Well…poo. I just googled it….and this year the game is in DC.

    It has ALWAYS been in Philly. I think.

    Carry on.

    Impulsive Addict

    $99??? HA! That is crazy!

    I’m with Connie. I would love to go there and have a real Philly Cheesesteak. M’s friend is living there right now. Maybe we’ll fly out there if the tickets are less than $100!

    Sarah Kate

    Ewwww, that sounds super awkward!!! I’d definitely go again with Match and make some better memories! :o) I’d love to go to Philly, too. I love history and there’s just to much to see there!!


    Hi love this was super cute!! I love the pick of you imitating Rocky!! You have to visit NYC and I show you a real east coast visit lol

    Meghan Furst

    Okaay – you put “bats” on their faces?? Too funny. The Philly steaks are great. Also, get a sub, a hot pretzel & some Tastykakes. Send me some.

    Brittany E.

    I so want to go to Philly and it does look beautiful. 🙂 But too bad it had to be so freakin’ awkward, how did you respond to his mother?? That is just insane@@


    Ewww what a crazy witch! I can’t believe she would tell you that. I bet you are glad you dodged that bullet. Can you imagine? 🙂

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