Paying My Bills on-line

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

I am so glad that we decided to get wild blue . Until recently, we haven’t had internet service and I feel like I have missed out on so much. I don’t really do any internet stuff like read the paper or work on-line, but I do use it to research things that help me out around the house. I also have enjoyed using it to search for dinner ideas and buy things on my new favorite website, The best thing about having the internet is being able to pay all of my bills on-line. A while back, our local post office closed and it has been really tough to travel almost twenty miles to get to the nearest post office! I was surprised that all of our service providers and creditors had systems set up so that you could pay your bill on-line. It literally just takes a couple of clicks. Unfortunately, our bank hasn’t moved to internet banking, but I’m hoping that it happens soon! I really save so much time without having to run into town when bills are due. I didn’t know what I was missing

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    Meghan Furst

    Good postg, Stevie. I used to pay most of my bills online,but I switched to paying thru my Cell phone. It’s actually easier & less red tape. I punch the phone number in on (say – my electric bill), press the “pay by phone option” and then input my debit card number.

    Of course, I LOVE the internet for all the other internetty things – I’m surprised at easy they’ve made it to pay by phone. I haven’t mailed a payment in on anything in years.

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