White Water Rafting Trip

Simon: Day Eight, white water rafting.
: Yee-haaa!
: This is a river, one tough bitch. A swirling, raging, thrashing, torrent of screaming water.Lindsey: Screamin’ water!
: And I choose my words carefully, because she’s upturned the boat of many a clown, who thought they could tame her. You must respect her, you must respect the river if you wanna come out of her alive…
[Simon turns to look at the river]
…you must respect her, understand her…

[Lindsey pushes Simon in the river]

Lindsey: Huhuhur, he’s in! That’s a tenner you owe me Baz! Hahahaha!-The Fast Show

Earlier this month, Match took me on a white water rafting trip for our first anniversary/birthday. We opted not to buy the photos because they were crazy expensive. But as luck would have it, the other couple from our raft bought them, and she emailed them to me a few days ago. Made my month! I offered to give her money but she insisted that it was a gift to us. How sweet are they? Now I feel kind of bad for complaining that they didn’t paddle. Well, they didn’t, but who cares because now we have fabulous, priceless photos of the trip!! Instead of sitting here gushing about them, I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Aren’t they badass? Oh, and Match and I are in the second row. You can tell it’s me because I have a ridiculous grin or open mouthed expression on almost every single picture.

Stopping for lunch along the river

We had such a fun trip! I cannot wait to go back.


    Sarah Kate

    I seriously wish you lived closer! For one of our anniversaries, we went skydiving! Ya’ll sound like our kind of people. :o)

    I love the rafting pictures! Makes me wanna go, but I’d have to travel to get anywhere close to a place with good enough rapids. Booo.

    Megan (Best of Fates)

    I love your expression – it looks like you had a blast!


    I have always wanted to try this activity. Your pictures made me feel that it is not after all scary.


    such fun pictures!! you look so happy and like you’re having the time of your life 🙂

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