Tahoe Mom’s 60th Birthday

Joy: What the hell are you doing?
Darnell: Throwing you a surprise party.
Joy: My birthday’s not till next week!
Darnell: That’s the surprise. –My Name is Earl

Yesterday was Tahoe Girl’s mom’s 60th birthday surprise party. Us “kids” did the majority of the work so the parents could enjoy themselves. We cooked, cleaned, hosted, decorated, and generally busted our bums running around the steel buildings. The hard work paid off and we all had a blast. I didn’t realize just how much work goes into big parties until this weekend.

We got to town on Friday afternoon and hit the ground running. We stayed at Tahoe Girl’s neighbors house, just behind her parents home. We spent the afternoon baking and prepping pasta salads, marinades and all the apps for the big event. This was done while drinking bottles of wine and laughing a lot.

Tahoe Girl and I came up with the idea that we should open our own event and catering business and call it “Two Drunk Chicks”, where we decorate AND party! If that were a reality show, you know you’d watch it!! We ended up finishing all the prep work and then playing beer pong and drinking games until 3 in the morning. Getting up in the morning was rough!

The surprise went off without a hitch. Tahoe Mom was completely floored and it was so cute watching her reaction.

We even had one of her friends dress up as Elvis and dance with her when she walked in.

As you know later that night we played the Triple B game and it was a hoot. We had a lot of fun but I was so exhausted the next day. It’s a lot of work being behind the scenes of a party!



    LOOOOVE that Elvis was there! lol

    Seriously Shawn

    I love a good surprise!

    I’d watch that show, hell I’d want to be on it!

    I had already forgotten about the triple B game. You’ll need to email me the details again so I can keep it for future use.


    awesome!!!! happybirthday tahoe mom!!!! glad you had fun mamacita! how did the dinner go?

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