Scrubs-Nothing Like Feeling Comfy at Work

J.D.: [In janitor’s uniform] It’s like the ammonia is seeping into my brain and making me violent and angry and hateful!
Janitor: Yep, that’s how it starts.
J.D.: [Angrily, to Boone] What the hell are you looking at?
Janitor: Nice! –Scrubs

Today I was surfing the internet and purusing craigslist to see if there were any good part time jobs out there. I would love to just work a few days a week doing something fun for extra money. Ideally I’d like to work at a kennel again or maybe in a vet office. Getting to wear cute scrubs and play with puppies sounds like a nice time to me. I think scrubs are possibly the best work uniform invention ever made. It’s basically like wearing pajamas. I think there was a brief time in my life that I contemplated going to nursing school, just for the scrubs. 😉

So far I haven’t found many listings for a kennel assistant, but maybe when we buy a house in our new town something will come up. Then I’ll be sure to go to to get the best priced scrub uniforms

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