The Paper Anniversary

Lucas: Happy Anniversary!
Peyton: Go back out!
Lucas: Why? Is the mail man here again?
Peyton: No. He just put on his pants and jumped out the window, but he did leave you an anniversary gift and I haven’t wrapped it yet. Hi babe.
Lucas: Hey wifey! These are for you.
Peyton: Oh!! They’re beautiful! Thank you! How was your day?
Lucas: It was good. It is good. You know can’t believe it’s been a year.
Peyton: Time flies when you get what you wish for. –One Tree Hill

Last weekend was our first wedding anniversary. They say the first wedding anniversary is the paper anniversary. It was fitting then that Match and I exchanged homemade cards.

I got him a bluetooth headset so he could yell at his fellow Call of Duty gamers and in his card he wrote that his gift to me would be a trip for two white water rafting down the American river! I’m soooo excited for the trip.

He waited to book the trip to make sure I’d actually want to go, which I do. And together we looked at different sites and found the best one (aka the only rafting company that includes wine and beer as part of the dinner package). We’re going the weekend of the 16th, two days after my birthday. I can’t wait!

For our anniversary celebration we spend the day exploring our new town where we’re looking to buy a home. We drove around to a few homes we’d had on our list to visit and got to know the areas of town we really like. We are both so excited to move to this town. The overall feel of the town is safe, friendly, and fun. There are younger people around, and the night life looks more lively than where we live now.

After looking at homes we strolled downtown for a sandwich and some fuel.

They have this gorgeous downtown creek walk that I can’t wait to bring Monkey to. Isn’t it pretty?

After our day of exploring we drove home and then walked to dinner at our favorite sushi place. We worked up a nice sake buzz and then wobbled home. We went old school like when we were first dating and played a game of gin rummy.

The next day we went for a drive and found a new dog park for Monkey.

We got some quality time with our fur baby before couch potato-ing it for the afternoon.

After dinner we toasted with champagne and frozen yogurt. Mhhmmm.

Cheers! To our first year of marriage. It has been so busy, so full of change, and so memorable. I cannot wait for the next big adventure. As I wrote in my card to Match: I’m not afraid of anything that life has to throw at us, because I have him.


    Black Unicorn

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Congrats you two 🙂


    happy anniversary! i can’t believe you’ve been married for a year already!! time sure does fly on by. i hope it was a wonderful first year of marriage!


    You guys are so cute. My hubby has a bluetooth headset for COD. Thank God!

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