Our First Wedding Anniversary

You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be big ones, they are never as big as you make them out to be in your head. It’s the regular days, the ones that start out normal. Those are the days that end up being the biggest. And today was the wedding. It was beautiful. Perfect. -Izzie, Grey’s Anatomy

A year ago today I married the love of my life which you can read about here and here in case you missed it. I was a princess for a day, and I was making my girl friends hum and “LOOK AWAY!!” while they helped me go potty in my giant dress. I was all dolled up and I have never felt so beautiful, or more loved. Walking down that aisle I had eyes only for Match. I knew I was making the single most important decision in my life and I had absolutely no doubts. That day I laughed and cried so many happy tears. It was perfect.

I wanted to share with you a slideshow I made of video clips from our wedding day. This is something that was also on my Project 52 List, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I made a longer version for us and our parents that includes the whole wedding ceremony and a lot of the reception with our guests. This one I made especially for my readers. Enjoy it! I cry every time I watch it. I’m such a cheeseball.

Click on the picture and it should take you to the video.

From Lunss

I think about how Match and I will curl up on the couch and watch this slideshow on our 25th, 30th, even 50th anniversary and it makes me smile. Match, I love you more than words can ever say and every day I’m so grateful to have you in my life.


    Sarah Kate

    That is such a sweet video!!! You looked GORGEOUS on your wedding day! I hope you and Match have many, many more happy anniversaries!! :o)

    Seriously Shawn

    Aweee newlyweds…happy anniversary!

    Kristy @PampersandPinot

    Aw, very sweet. Happy anniversary!

    Meghan Furst

    Enjoyed this immensely. Very professionally done. Happy First Wedding Anniversary!!!

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