Grown Up Stuff

Hal: I have to get my speech ready, anyway.
Lois: Honey, you know you don’t have to talk at every funeral we go to.
Hal: I wish that were true. You see how people look to me when they ask if somebody has a few words to say?
Lois: They’re not looking to you; they’re looking at you. –Malcolm in the Middle

With all of this responsible saving we’re doing in preparations to buy our first home, Match and I have been talking about other responsible things we need to do. Things like making sure we’ve properly set up retirement accounts and talked about what would happen if one of us were to pass away. It’s horrible to think about, but we needed to discuss it.

We’re talking about possibly getting funeral insurance because those are terribly expensive, sadly. I think when I go I’d rather people just threw a really big party and had a lot of fun. That would make me happy!

We also talked about who we’ll entrust our kids to if we should both pass away. That’s a tough one since A. We don’t have kids yet and B. We’d most likely choose his parents. This is NOT a conversation I want to have with my parents, but it makes the most sense. Match’s folks live closer and the odds are they’ll know our kids the best. Anyways, all of this grown up stuff is so depressing but I’m so grateful I have a husband like Match who I can talk about everything with, and who has a plan for our future.

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    ugh….grownup stuff stucks!! everytime i think about retirement i get depressed about how far away it is!

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