The $$ Earning Housewife-How I Make Money Online

Yes. I’m spoiled and I want what I want when I want it.-Gabrielle Solis, Desperate Housewives

Most of you loyal readers know that I used to be the “bread winner” in our household. After Match graduated from the Sheriff academy I was able to quit my hell hole job working as an tech support person in a call center. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we have this opportunity. That said it isn’t all manicures and martinis for this desperate housewife. No it’s more like coupon cutting, find the best deal on milk, don’t go to the grocery store unless we’ve run out of everything edible kind of living. I have always been frugal but since I stopped getting a personal paycheck I’ve become even more hardcore about my saving habits.

Both Match and I agree that our lives are so much better now that I’m not working 9-5. Because of his crazy schedule it allows us to still get some quality time together, something we rarely had when I worked and commuted all the time. But we also have less fun money.

Some of you readers know that I have been doing what I can to earn some side money. I think it’s only fair that I let you all in on what I’m doing, in case anyone else wants to earn money online too. Hey, you’re already online blogging, you might as well be getting paid a little bit while you’re at it right? Now some of the stuff I do is more time consuming than others, but here is the list, along with referral links. If you have any questions about any of these, ask away. I do get rewarded for referrals, but I would never promote something I don’t believe in. Also I would never promote any website that says you have to pay to join. Those are all bogus, stay far far away! I also suggest that if you do sign up for some of these sites, that you get yourself an email specifically for them. That way you don’t end up getting junk mail in your regular inbox. Most of you have a junk email account anyways. They come in handy!

Here is the List. I get paid for some in blog posts ads, surveys, searching, and most recently, poll taking. An example of an in post blog ad is where you put a link in the text of your blog, and relate it to what you’re blogging about like I hope I never get demodectic mange. See how simple that is?

Swagbucks: This is my #1 favorite way to earn online. They are the easiest as well. It’s a search engine that rewards you for searching. Instead of typing in my search to google, I use swagbucks. I love it because I’m already online doing a search anyways, so I don’t have to put any extra time into it. It’s like free money!

Social Spark: You’ve heard me and I’m sure a few other bloggers talk about Social Spark. It’s a great pay you to blog website and they allow you to negotiate your price per post. That’s something not every pay to blog site will do. You have to earn a minimum of 5000 points before you can cash out, which translates to $50.

Blogvertise: Another pay you to blog website. These guys take a month to pay out for each paid post you write, but there is no minimum and they are consistent. I have put aside quite a nice little savings toward our down payment with these guys. They don’t have a referral program, and I’m just telling you about them out of the kindness of my heart. See how I love you guys?

Opinion Outpost: You get paid to take surveys. Some of these take a little while, while others take 5 minutes. Most of the surveys tell you how long they will take before you begin. This site sends you either a check or you can choose other prizes. I stick with the old fashioned checks or the Amazon gift cards. This is how I paid for a lot of Christmas presents last year actually! Another paid survey site and the payout seems to happen a lot more frequently. They also use paypal which I prefer over personal checks.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes: You literally answer poll questions and earn cash or tickets to hourly sweepstakes. It’s super fast, and if you just do it once a day it seems like you could make a lot. I just signed up with them so I’m not sure how long it takes to earn. I will say I did my research and it’s a legitimate company and other bloggers have earned money. Plus it’s really fun and a little bit addicting. You’ve been warned!

So there you have it. These are the ways I earn extra money towards our down payment fund. Eventually it will be the long overdue honeymoon fund, future babies fund, and of course treats for Monkey fund. You can spend a lot of time earning, or just a little bit a day when you’re already online. If you do decide to sign up let me know what you think! Oh and Monkey has something he wanted to say:

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