Friend to Friend Match Up-I’ve been Featured!

I’m being featured on JJ’s Friend 2 Friend Match up! I’m so excited to be a part of this, I think Janette really came up with a brilliant idea. It’s a new feature where she matches up two bloggers and does a side by side interview.  It’s a really fun way to get to know new bloggers.  Check out my interview on your toshiba laptop computers and the blogger Janette”s matched me up with (my BFF Impulsive Addict!) You may make a new bloggy friend and you may even learn something new about me!



    I really loved your interview.


    Well, hello!! Here from the famoush Janette.

    Congrats on the feature. I was featured last week… the royal treatment only lasts for a couple of hours.- BLAH. 😉

    Have a FAB day!


    heh! So glad you were apart of the match up!! Loved your answers and always look forward to people meeting new people.


    Correcting my spelling on my name. I see I typed it wrong the VERY first time I ever left a comment (how do you misspell your own name) and it auto-populates every time for me so I always forget to change it! heh….


    Hey there! Found your blog through Janette’s Friend 2 Friend! I write a part of my blog called “The Single Girl Files”…I hope I end up the same way “Date Girl” did 😉

    Impulsive Addict

    I’m soooo glad we were featured together! So cool!!! =)

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