We Want to Know Wednesday-You’re a SillyFace

Beast Boy: Kids are easy! All you have to do is make silly faces. Oh, and kids love jokes. This one never fails. Okay, why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Raven: …

Beast Boy: You’re supposed to ask why.

Raven: …Why?

Beast Boy: He went because he was feeling a little crummy! Ha, ha, ha! Get it?

Raven: …I guess I’m on my own. –Teen Titans


brought to you by Mamarazzi and Queso
{1} If you could spend a day with a blogger, who you haven’t met in real life, who would you choose? Hands down Impulsive Addict. We’ve already got go visit each other savings funds. It’s happening. And it’s going to be EPIC. If any of you would like to join us, feel free. Just know there will be copious amounts of drinking and silliness. You’ve been warned!
{2} What website do you check first when you go online? I always go to swagbucks.com because I’m trying to earn extra money. From there I usually check facebook or my email. 
{3} What is something you are saving money for right now? A house!! I cannot even tell you how excited we are to find something. 
{4} What is your go to silly face when a silly face is needed? (post a pic of it and be entered to win a prize from Mamarazzi)

Just like Britney Spears, I’ve been sticking my tongue out for as far back as I can remember.

{5} How do you relieve stress? I usually exercise or clean, or both, depending on how stressed I am. If I’ve had a really bad day I’ll take Monkey for a run and then clean the whole house. If Match finds me in the kitchen scrubbing away like a mad woman, looking like I need to be in the nut house wearing a Marcus lab coat, chances are something is stressing me out. 



    Hanging out with IA would be sweet!


    I need to find out about swagbucks. I’ve heard others talk about them but don’t know how they work.

    I wanna hang out with IA, too!


    You should totally get really stressed out and come visit me! Cuz my house could seriously use a little stress cleaning! When I get stressed I start organizing stuff but this leads to messes in other areas..Love your silly faces!


    Cleaning is a great stress reliever! I just did some tonight, actually. 🙂


    Ooooh cleaning is a good way to vent! Good call!

    Camie Rae

    I love me some swagbucks. I have earned a buncha Amazon.com gift cards! Money for chillin on the internet?! Thank you! And I’m with ya on the cleaning thing. I need to take up running though for real!


    I clean when I’m pissed lol. If hubby comes home and finds me cleaning like a mad woman, he knows he’s in trouble lol.


    you and me both sister. i love cleaning while stressed. i liked queso idea of beating a truck with a bat though. i will have to try that one next.


    My daughter loves sticking her tongue out for pictures too.

    Impulsive Addict

    I can’t WAIT to hang out with you my bloggy friend!! It will definitely be epic!!

    I need to know more about swagbucks. People talk about it but I have no clue what that is.


    I really wish I could find a way to get you on my side bar. WHY CAN”T I???? It’s so frustrating!



    we live close enough. we should get together. it is silly that we haven’t made plans yet. IA is on my list too…fo shizzle!

    LOVE your silly face…why change what is obviously working for ya! and you are entered to win a prize now that you posted a pic too! WINNING!

    Yep, it is Thursday and I am just now getting around to visiting everyone. I decided I better make it happen before I am swamped with Friday Confessional visits too…tee hee! Forgive me for being tardy for the party?

    Thanks for linking up!!

    Impulsive Addict

    I’m looking for your swaybacks button. I only see a button that says Hits4pay. Is that it?


    That’s pretty much what all of my photos look like too. LOL!! I wish I cleaned/worked out in times of stress–maybe then I could find my way around the dust bunnies in my apartment!


    I want to hang out with you and IA. I get to come, right? 🙂

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