Toying With the Idea of Online School Again

Sue: I’ll have you know that I happen to have my PHD!

Will: You got it online! –Glee

Lately I’ve been thinking of different ways I can contribute to our savings. Match and I have been diligently saving up for a home someday and I want to do my part too.

I’ve been writing some posts for money, but I would like to possibly get a part time job as well. I’ve been doing some research into the town we want to move, and most of the jobs I would like to do require some additional education. If I were to go back to school, I think I’d want to do it with

Walden University’s online degree programs are extensive and include education specialist, which is what I’d probably do. I think even getting a job working part time in a school system would be a fun and rewarding job. I don’t necessarily want a full time career, but I might if I enjoyed it enough.

If you’re interested in online schooling you should click to learn about Walden for yourself. I’ve taken a few courses online in the past with my previous school, and it’s so nice to be able to study on your own schedule. It would allow me to continue to work on my writing but also open up doors for something new. It’s something I’m seriously considering.

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    My vote is take your hobby or passion and take baby steps to turn it into a possible career! In my case, my husband and I are working really hard to turn his passion for photography into some extra cash. This example takes very little up-front cash and has been very nice for us!

    Other examples could be: love kids, babysit; love fashion, try to start a personal shopping or styling business; love reading, get an editing gig by mail.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to read about how things go!

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