Project 52 Update-Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Garlicy Heaven

Ross: Someone at work ate my sandwich!
Chandler: Well, what did the police say?
Ross: My Thanksgiving leftover sandwich! I can’t believe someone ate it!
Chandler: It’s just a sandwich!
Ross: Just a sandwich? I’m 30 years old, I’m going to be divorced twice and I just got evicted! That sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life! SOMEONE ATE THE ONLY GOOD THING GOING ON IN MY LIFE!-Friends


This week I can’t say that I crossed an item off the list, but I’m making progress in my revolving tasks. This week I want to talk about #19 Try 1 new recipe a month. This week I actually made two new recipes and they were so good I just had to share them with you.

I had this major craving for Cuban style food. There’s a great restaurant near us that has super tasty Cuban inspired food but it’s pretty expensive. One of my other goals is to pay down our debt so I decided to opt to make what I’ve been craving instead of spending money on a night out. I’m so glad I did!

On the menu: Cuban inspired pulled pork sandwiches with twice baked plantains on the side.

For the sandwiches, I found this marinade recipe at nothing but a crock (love that name!)

For the twice fried plantains I used this recipe via instructables and I loved all of the details. The pictures helped this at times instructions challenged girl.

The beauty of this meal was that for as flavorful as it was, it wasn’t all that time consuming. I heart my crockpot! I changed up the pork recipe a little so here’s what I used:


Big ol’ pork shoulder that I found for super cheap at Safeway

ground cumin

oregano leaves that I crushed with my fingers

3 garlic cloves, crushed

fresh squeezed lime juice


sea salt

fresh ground pepper

I mixed all of the ingredients well and poured them over the pork shoulder. Then I let it marinade overnight. I got up in the morning and took the shoulder out of the fridge and transferred it to the crock pot. I added a chopped onion and poured just a little bbq sauce on top of the shoulder. Then I cooked it on low for about 12 hours.

I know it looks gross but trust me it smelled delicious. The entire house smelled so good and Monkey was licking his lips all day just hoping for a bite.

After 1o hours, I shredded the pork and added a little bit more bbq sauce

I let it marinate just a little longer, while I made the twice fried plantains.

If you’ve never had fried plantains you are missing out.

The only time consuming part of this meal was really just the frying part. It wasn’t that bad really. And yes I cook in my pj-jays!

For fried food, these are actually fairly healthy. Provided you don’t eat a ton of them like I did.

I think the dipping sauce was my favorite part of the entire meal. It was so simple. Just olive oil, lime juice, and garlic. I dipped my plantains in it, and I dipped my sandwich in it too. It was like French dips but Cuban. Ah-mazing. I toasted up some sandwich rolls in the broiler so they were nice and crunchy, added a tiny bit of mayo and some horseradish mustard, and a zesty dill pickle. Looking at this picture makes me want to make this meal all over again.

Another great part of this recipe is the quantity. It made enough for a small army. Or at least 2 nights of sandwiches, and then one night I turned the leftover pork into Cuban tacos. Normally I don’t eat much pork so I think I’ll try it with chicken next time. Go ahead and try this recipe out. It’s one of those dishes that tastes like you slaved over the stove all day but really just takes a few minutes to throw in the crock pot. Guaranteed to be a huge hit. I know it was in my house!


    Sarah Kate

    My husband loves pulled pork sandwiches!!! Me, not so much. But I’m all about some plantains! It’s ridiculous how many people don’t even know what they are! They are soooo missing out!

    Cute pjs, by the way! ;o)

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    Impulsive Addict

    Holy shiz. My mouth is watering and I just ate lunch! This sounds so yummy!!!!


    Never had fried plantains guess I need to make some!

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