Monica & Chandler’s Goodbye Party

Carl: And how did you guys like the shots?
Ted: I drank all five, bitch.
Marshall: I love Drunk Ted. –How I Met Your Mother

First off, I hate that I have to write this post because it means that Monica and Chandler have left for Scotland. They will be back next summer for Chandler’s brother’s wedding, so it’s not like they’re gone forever. But normally I get to see Monica every 6 months, and Chandler has always been around. It’s going to be so hard not seeing either of them for a whole year.

Even though it was a sad occasion, we managed to give them a fantastic send off last Saturday. We started off with a sushi dinner and then headed over to our friend Picture Guy’s (He’s been the professional photographer for both Token Gay Couple and Monica and Chandler’s weddings) house.

I was determined not to be too drunk because I had Geeky’s bridal shower to go to the next day. When I saw that Picture Guy had plenty of bottled water on hand, I figured I was in the clear.

I forgot that I had given blood the day before, and my blood level hadn’t been replenished yet. So my blood alcohol levels were slightly enhanced shall we say? Word to the wise: do NOT drink the day after giving blood. The hangover is painful.

This is what I remember clearly-when we first arrived I was sober so I got some cuddly time in with Mini Picture Guy. I booped his little nose, which he did not find amusing.

and I sipped champagne with my girls Monica and Tahoe.

And then things got a bit fuzzy. I remember a game of Community, some Taboo, and a lot of laughing. I do remember passing out on the couch with Tahoe Girl and Tahoe Guy on either side of me all snuggled up in a puppy pile (my favorite!). I woke up with the spins, and Chandler chatting it up with me on the couch, being way too perky for 9am. I stumbled to my camera and proceed to see these pictures and have my own mini hangover moment. Enjoy our intoxicated silliness.


Tahoe Guy didn’t miss a prime opportunity for an ass slapping. My favorite part about that picture is those are Tahoe Girl’s arms in the air, cheering him on! And those slaps are painful. My bum hurt the next day!

I had an epic hangover that made Geeky’s bridal shower a struggle, but it was all worth it to give two of my best friends a great sendoff. Chandler didn’t leave until yesterday, but Monica had to leave last Wednesday, so Sunday was the last day I saw her. We said tearful goodbyes and I tear up again just thinking about it. We will see each other next summer, but it seems very very far away. Sniff.

Here’s just a few pictures from Geeky’s shower the next day.

It was beautiful and the food looked delicious. I wish I could have enjoyed it more because it really was fun. I couldn’t stomach any of the food and instead drank gingerale and ate crackers. She loved the little apron I got for her that my Grandmother made. Isn’t it darling? I told her if she wears just that and nothing else, her Fireguy won’t care if she burns dinner!

Geeky is going to be a beautiful bride and I’m so excited for her wedding.  I will just be smart and not give blood or go out drinking the night before!


    Sarah Kate

    Girl, you are something else!! These pictures are hilarious! I’s always scared to find out what’s on my camera the morning after a night out that I can’t remember. ;o)

    I’ve had so much fun catching up on some of your older posts! Your ‘Date Girl’ name is adorable and when I got to your blog, I realized I’ve actually seen your little icon popping up all over some mutual friends’ blogs. You’ve got a great blog going here! Love it!! xoxo.

    Sarah Kate

    That’s supposed to say I’m, not I’s. I swear I know english. :o)

    P.S. GREAT HIMYM quote at the top there. LOVE that show!


    HAHA! You crack me up! That was fun to read… Loved the pictures.. I’ll make note about the blood donating and hang over! 🙂 hah! hugs!


    Well, it looked like a lot of fun and sometimes the after is not so fun but the pictures are great!!

    The apron is beautiful, I would be afraid to cook in it because I would mess it up LOL.

    I hope you don’t miss your friends too much and time flies!!


    I know it was hard to tell them goodbye but look at it this way…. maybe ya’ll can go visit them!

    Can we say belated honeymoon?! lol


    Drunky McDrunkster!


    Looks like you had another fun event. I want your life. You ALWAYS get to do fun things. So jealous.

    Do you ever just sit at home??


    Girl, Your blog is too cute. Love the HIMYM reference. I am following now 🙂

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