We Want to Know Wednesday-Extra Cash

Johnny is driving limos part time for some extra cash. It’s great, when he’s off duty we get to play ‘easy prom date.’-Sharon, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place


{1} What would you do with an extra $1000 a month? Match and I are actually saving up for a down payment and an extra grand a month would get us there a lot faster. I would also buy a smartphone. I’m going through major withdrawals without my crackberry, but I just can’t justify the expense right now. Sigh…

{2} What category of blogger do you think you best fall under? I actually have no idea. Um, personal diary category? I guess newlywed category as well?
{3} What is your go to solution when you are having a bad hair day? I hate the way my hair looks in a ponytail, so I generally just wear it down when I’m out. I attack it with a hair dryer when it’s misbehaving and that usually helps. At home I rock the ponytail bun most of the time. I like to think it’s that lazy sexy librarian look.
{4} If you were a Crayon, what color would you be? I have no clue, sorry this question is kind of silly. Um…I love the color blue but that probably doesn’t represent my personality. In my home decorating I gravitate towards earth tones, and in my clothing I wear a lot of blacks. Go ahead, analyze!
{5} They say love is in the little things. What is a little thing someone does to show you love? Match does this slightly annoying but mostly endearing thing where he’ll choose to cuddle me and be super affectionate when I’m right in the middle of something. For example cooking dinner or walking to the sink to do a dish. He’ll grab me around the waist and hug me and I end up having to drag him around the kitchen. As much as it annoys me in the moment, we both can’t help but laugh when I end up pulling him around trying to do work with this grown man attached to me that’s twice my size!


    I totally didn’t think about getting a new phone but that’s on my list of “things to get when I make an extra grand a month”. 🙂


    my ex hub used to grab me everytime I got to close to him… so I would make a wide circle around him. He didn’t do it to be affectionate but to annoy me!!

    Connie Weiss

    I love your #5 answer! That’s so cute! Wait until you have kids and have him and a couple rug rats on your legs!


    I had a bit of a hard time with the crayon question too–that’s why I chose about four colors.


    my hubs does the same thing! sometimes it drives me bonkers, but i have to admit, its pretty cute 🙂 and i’d be LOST without my phone!! great answers!


    That is to cute about Match. I to could spend it all a Target.

    Impulsive Addict

    Crackberry is for crackheads. Get an iPhone when it’s time to trade up! 😉

    I rock a pony tail all too often. But if I’m going out, it won’t ever be up in one. I hate the way it looks so I feel ya on that!

    I love how cute and affectionate he is at all the wrong times! So sweet!!! =)

    Miss you!

    Kristy @PampersandPinot

    Attack your hair with the blow dryer – love that!


    My hubs occasionally does that. It’s cute for like 5 seconds and then I’m over it!


    your honey sounds fantastic, perfect for you! i had the blackberry i like my droid better.

    thanks for linking up, i am sorry i am so late getting here!!


    Great answers! Hope all is well with you 🙂

    Myya Says...

    Ok so the dragging him around while you are still trying to get things done is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

    I love how you said… Go ahead analyze. Bawwwhhhhaaaahaa!

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