Motivation to Keep Running

Rory: Janet’s out jogging so I don’t know what she thinks, but I have to hope she’s pleased ’cause that girl’s in shape and can kick my butt.
Lorelai: Well, just make sure there’s something she likes on the TV when she gets home. Something soothing to runners – maybe something that goes in a circle over and over. –Gilmore Girls

One of my goals for this year was to stick to a good workout routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of that, though I know I could always work out more. I’ve been jogging a few times a week with my pup Monkey. Unfortunately the last few weeks my knee has started hurting. I’ve had trouble with it in the past, nothing serious that requires an acl knee brace or anything, but I did have to tape it and do physical therapy for a couple of months. I don’t remember actually injuring it, but one day it just started giving me pain when I would run. It went away when I switched to different workouts, but now it’s back. I know it’s kind of an excuse, but until it gets better or I fix my form I may just have to do power walking as my cardio workout.

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    I hate running! Unfortunately we only have a treadmill in our gym in our apartment and I can’t afford a gym membership, but it kills my knees!

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