Friday Confessional-I’m a Terrible Dog Mommy

Monica: How cute is the on-call doctor?
Rachel: So cute I’m thinking about jamming this pen in my eye! –Friends

I confess…

That I gave my own puppy a black eye.

I didn’t mean it, I swear! I’m a terrible dog mommy.

I confess…

That dogs should never play fetch with me. It isn’t safe. I’m a giant klutzimo! I threw the chuckit for him, and the tennis ball launched early and hit my poor Monkey square in the eye!

We hoped it would get better by the next day but it was worse. I decided to take him in and pay the urgent care fee. It’s a good thing I did because apparently he scratched the lenses of BOTH eyes. The vet’s theory is he must have pawed at it after he got hurt. He also has swelling and bruising around his eye. I gave my dog a shiner. ๐Ÿ™

I confess…

That my vet is a hottie and makes me tongue tied when I have to see him. This is not good because then I come off as not only a terrible pet mommy but a bumbling idiot. I was grateful that the urgent care was a drop off and I only had to talk on the phone with Hottie Vet instead of seeing him face to face. I was less grateful when Hottie Vet Tech came to get him. What is up with my Vet office? It’s like Grey’s Anatomy Animal Hospital over there! Hottie Vet said that he’s seen much worse and it wasn’t a big deal. He also said dogs tend to not hold grudges. I’m just relieved he didn’t send him home with a doggie eye patch.

I confess…

That while I’m sad he’s hurt, I love it when he’s all cuddly like this. He’s extra sweet and of course is getting extra loves. This makes me wonder if he’s playing it up just a little. Ok, I mostly said that to ease my own guilt. My poor little furbaby! This little accident seriously made me consider getting pet insurance from Luckily Hottie Vet didn’t charge too much.



    I never knew a dog could get a black eye! I mean it makes sense but wow!! Poor momma!

    Laura Carson

    Awwww… you are NOT a bad doggie mama. These things just happen. Your handsome dog looks very border collie ish, and if that’s the case he won’t care… just give him the ball. ๐Ÿ™‚ Crossing all paws at my house for quick healing!


    love the word “klutzima”, it sounds much worse than “klutz”! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Oh my gosh he’s gorgeous! What an unfortunate kinda funny accident! Your baby loves you no matter what! I have 3 kitties and I know how I feel when they get hurt so I know it’s hard.


    I knew a dog that would limp for extra attention. Dogs are smarter than we think they are.
    Hope he feels better soon.


    Poor little guy I had no clue they could get black eyes either. But it was an accident.. but I confess I apparently need to visit your vet’s office. Ours is run by an old guy in overalls and hip boots in case he has to deliver a cow or something..


    Oh noooo Monkey!! You are NOT a bad fur-baby mommmy and even though this is horrible, I’ve always felt with dogs that if you accidentally hurt them (step on their tail/paw etc) they just seem to love you MORE– whenever I start apologizing to mine for stepping on her she just wags her tail more and nuzzles me. Masochists! They just want loves.


    Alright…very sad but not a bad dog mommy. Bright side… he will forgive you, you found a new hottie, and he still loves you since he is snuggling more.


    Awww! Poor guy!


    Poor puppy! You’re not a bad dog mommy though. Accidents happen. I love when my pets are cuddly, it’s the best ever!

    dysfunctional mom

    I dropped a couch on my dog when she was just a puppy. I thought for sure I’d killed her. She’s fine now though! So, don’t feel bad, there’s always someone much worse than you. LOL
    The guy who does piercings at the nicest shop around here is so amazingly sexy that I’ve considered piercing practically every part of my body.


    Don’t feel bad! Accidents happen. Your dog is adorable!

    Grumpy Grateful Mom

    Oh we can relate at our house. My 3-year-old gave my 1-year-old a black eye this week with the remote control. Luckily, they are still friends, mostly. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Cuddly pups are so sweet, but sorry you are getting the cuddling as a result of the injury.


    Awe poor baby. Kind of funny that a dog can get a shiner though, not funny in a mean way of course though.

    Impulsive Addict

    Awww….mean momma! I’m hoping by now he’s feeling better and back to normal!

    SOOOO…I’m a little behind on my blog reading. I’ve been BUSY!


    Oh, the Friends quote cracks me up. I just watched that episode the other day. The on call doctor that just happens to be Richard’s son!

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