I Really Want an Iphone

Davis: Do you think my new cell phone is small?
Karen: I don’t know.
Davis: Brent’s got a smaller one. I mean I wasn’t looking at it on purpose, he had it out and I just glanced at it.
Karen: Right.
Davis: But mine is small right? I mean how small would you say is normal? You get an inaccurate idea because you see smaller ones in movies and magazines and stuff. But for a normal person’s cell phone mine is small, smaller than average.
Karen: I don’t think anyone really cares as long as it works. –Corner Gas

So a few months back I had to relinquish my crackberry when I quit my day job. I was sad to see it go but it was for the greater good. I thought I’d be fine with a non-smartphone cheap phone that can still go online, so I ended up with the Samsung Solstice. It had a touch screen so I thought it’d be like a watered down iphone. Plus it had unlimited internet for $15 a month, which seemed like a steal. Well…this lil hunk of junk turns off whenever I try to surf the web. It also randomly turns on speaker phone when I’m say, in the middle of Costco and the world can hear my conversation! Talk about feeling like an idiot.

So Match is eligible for an upgrade and he’s looking to get the older iphone for only $19. I’m so jealous. I looked it up for myself, but since I already purchased my hunk of crapola, I’m not eligible for an upgrade. I’m hoping to find some apple store coupons and maybe buy direct and then put in my sim card. Has anyone ever done this? I would love some feedback. Or I could be a good girl and just wait a year to get the phone. But I may end up throwing my phone into the wall before then.


    Brittany E.

    I have an iphone MWHAHA.


    You want an iPhone. That is all.

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