Family Visits, Puppy Play Dates & a Day at the Beach

[Martin complains that Frasier makes practical jokes seem like work]
Martin: This is supposed to be fun! Like a day at the beach! Oh, you do this kind of thing all the time.
Frasier: Like when?
Martin: Like the last time we went to the beach!

Thursday Match’s sister Travel Girl and Match’s Cousin came to visit. Cousin brought his adorable doberman puppy Z. Isn’t he precious? He’s as big as Monkey but all paws and puppy clumsiness.

Cousin told us all about this farm he’s been staying at with friends, where they ride around on ATVs equipped with LED Light Bars, swimming, and fishing all day. It’s pretty much Match’s version of heaven. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to visit soon. I’m sure Monkey would love to play with Z again. When they left Z had to be carried away because he wouldn’t budge from Monkey’s side. Those two were too cute together.

It was nice to visit with Travel Girl. She’s back from Peru but she’s moving in with her boyfriend in Arizona, so that was our last little visit until Christmas. But she’s back in the states and just a quick plane ride away!

Yesterday Monkey and I decided to escape the heat and traveled to the beach with Couple Wife and her babies. We met up with another one of her friends and headed out. Unfortunately most of Northern California’s population had the same idea and the beach was crowded.

I still had fun enjoying the sun and running in the sand with Monkey. I wish Couple Wife was a bit more outdoorsy. Her and her friend just sat in the sand with the kids and didn’t want to put their feet in the water. But then again babies are hard work so I can’t imagine how hard it would be to juggle them and all their stuff! I had my hands full enough with Monkey, who thought that running after kids in the water was some sort of sport.

It was nice just relaxing and watching the kids be entertained by sand. Couple Toddler had a great time sharing his cookies with Monkey. I have a feeling Monkey is going to love it when we have a baby because of all the extra snacks he’ll no doubt get to enjoy. 😉

It was a nice day at the beach, but I still prefer the uncrowded Oregon coastline.

Tonight Match and I will be watching the fireworks at the marina. I’m so happy he has the 4th off! Happy 4th everyone and I hope you’re all doing something fun with your loved ones.



    Happy 4th! It’s hard to find fireworks around here without having to go too far out of the city but L. and I are going to try!


    beautiful beach! i am so jealous!

    Impulsive Addict

    Awww…such cute pics! I hope your 4th was great! Now that I’m back home and recovered, we need to chat and catch up! This weekend is my brothers wedding. It will be another crazy weekend! It never ends.


    happy 4th!

    totally jeal! that is awesome that you are so close to the beach. i love being near (in my case 2.5 hrs) the beach. the joys of living on a coast, eh?


    Hey I used to have a dob he looks alot like Z did you happen to adopt him at a human socity in whitby if so was his original name mason if this is all true you have the dog i used to have LOL if not just ignor this message

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