Anniversary Gift Ideas

Maggie: So, Sylvia, what did you and Morty do on your first anniversary?
Sylvia: We went to Puerto Rico.
Maggie: What about you, Yetta?
Yetta: We fled Poland. –The Nanny

I can’t believe that our first wedding anniversary is coming up. In less than 3 months Match and I will be celebrating our paper anniversary. I want to do something special, including going on a honeymoon. We can’t go on a big long trip anywhere, but Match does have 4 days off per week so I plan to take advantage of that.
I wish he had the time off so we could go on a big trip somewhere. Then I’d surprise him with plane tickets and that would be his paper gift get it? But for now, I think the smaller trip I’m planning to Ashland will be fun. It would be nice to have something that’s a surprise that I could give him at the hotel.

I thought about getting him something like tickets to some event because that would be paper. I have researched personalized gifts but Match doesn’t play any sports so things like monogrammed golf balls wouldn’t really work. Red Envelope has some other pretty cool gifts, like monogrammed watches and such, but those aren’t paper. Maybe tickets to a Shakespeare play while we’re in Ashland will work. Or maybe just a really heartfelt card. Any suggestions?

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    wow. first anniversary already? that was a fast year!!
    paper… what can you get him… hmm. if he had an office job i’d say personalized note pads for his desk… tickets are a great idea if you find something that he would enjoy… or a piece of artwork for the house.

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