Friday Confessional- 10 Year Reunion & a Hen Party

Lawyer: Now Charles, your Uncle Jack Bass is your closest living relative and, as such, has been named as your legal guardian. Are you comfortable with this?
Chuck: (to Jack) Curfew?
Jack: None.
Chuck: Girls sleeping over?
Jack: Yes, please.
Chuck: I’ll allow it. –Gossip Girl


I confess…

That I still haven’t written my post on my 10 year reunion. So much has happened this week and I haven’t been near a real computer or had much time. Plus I’ve been exhausted. This has been one busy summer! Here are just a few confessions from my weekend blast from the past.

I confess…

That I didn’t expect much from my reunion and was pleasantly surprised. We had so much fun hanging out and I forgot just how great our class of 2001 really was. There were no cliques and everyone mingled with everyone.

I confess…

That I may have inappropriately yelled out that one of our old classmates had gotten “REALLY HOT!”. I then went on to say that I was a married woman so it was completely ok to say. I wasn’t even drunk that night!

I confess…

That my parents accidentally locked me out of the house on Friday. I did come home at 3am so maybe they were saying I’d broken curfew? 😉

I confess…

That while at the bonfire I kept it classy with a styrofoam cup full of champagne, which I delightfully kept calling champag-nay. In a hick accent. Repeatedly.

I confess…

That there were no bathrooms at this bonfire and I was worried I would pee on my leg, but I squatted like a champ. I did seem to find the need to tell everyone at the bonfire how great I was at squatting like a champ.

I confess…

That I’m probably still not going to get around to blogging about the rest of my epic reunion until next week since I’m currently decorating for Monica’s Hen Party. I’m hosting it and I’m so excited. I’ve already baked up cupcakes and decorated them with little penises. The hen party sign has been painted.

The audio and video cables have been hooked up to the laptop which will be playing an embarrassing photo slideshow of the bride to be when she walks through the door. The banners have been hung and I have signed us up for the dance club’s guest list. Taxi number is preprogrammed into my phone. We are ready!



    Glad you had fun at your reunion. My 20th is this summer and I’m not sure I’m going.


    sounds like fun. was the bonfire part of your reunion? i know what you mean about having a busy summer so far… i still haven’t gotten around to writing about weekend 3 in may! haha


    I haven’t had a single reunion in the almost 20 years since high school. I guess everybody is too lazy to organize one!

    Meghan Furst

    @Champag-nay & squatting like a champ: I have to say that you just like the most fun EVER to go out & part-ay with!! Make me wish I was younger.

    Laura Carson

    I totally laughed out loud @ squatting like a champ. I totally accidently got crocked camping one time. Lets just say that I did NOT squat like a champ exactly. I bow to your superior squatting ability.


    lol Squatting like a champ! Lol only you ;p haha can’t wait to hear about the hen party! And glad the reunion was a blast!

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