Taking Advantage of SEO

Dr. Cox: I mean, what the hell? If I wanted my patients to be more depressed I’d just have them read Newbie’s latest blog entry.
J.D.: “Why being really lonely is sometimes super awesome.” –Scrubs

While I’m visiting my parents and waiting for the bonfire to start, I thought I would kill some time researching search engine optimization for my blog. I am so perplexed by the amount of websites and blogs that seem to get so many hits when the writers don’t seem to put a lot of effort into them. The pages are messy and littered with advertisements, the comments are generic, and the content is downright boring. So what has them getting over a million hits per day and thousands of subscribers? My guess would be search engine optimizing.

I personally love writing my blog for me. If people come visit, awesome. But ultimately I started this blog as a diary and I don’t ever want to completely compromise that. I want to make sure there are quality posts and that the site isn’t so full of advertising you can’t see the content. I wouldn’t want to visit a blog like that.

On the other hand, I do love the side income my blog generates and if I could get more readers, I could get more of an income and contribute more. This would be just icing on the cake: to make a living doing what I love, blogging.

So I googled search engine optimization, or SEO to the hipster annoying types. It’s kind of hard to find straightforward how tos, but this is what I was able to gleen.

1. Get Indexed: make sure your blog shows up on Google, Yahoo, all the big name search engines.
2. Get Your Own Domain Name: this is important if you ever want to make any cash on your blog. You need your own domain, and the blog needs to point right to it, not as of the homepage, but as the homepage itself.
3. Comment on other blogs often: I’m talking to you lurkers! If you want your blog to get noticed, you need to comment on the blogs you visit. Make sure to include your url when you do. I promise you will get visitors that return the favor.
4. Comment back on those who comment to you: I don’t know if this is “SEO” optimizing but it’s just damn good blog etiquette. If I leave a comment on your blog, don’t just reply to that comment. Show me some love too! I promise I will visit more often and drive up traffic. As they say, do onto others…

Your comments make my day!