Friday Confessional-Homeward Bound

Blanche: Oh, Dorothy, high school reunions can be so much fun. I will never forget mine! I was the most successful person there.
Dorothy: Blanche, didn’t you go to school with that brilliant doctor who won the Nobel Prize?
Blanche: Oh, yes, but she let her looks go to hell. –Golden Girls


I confess…

That this is a scheduled post, as I left for Oregon yesterday. 9.5 hours in the car with nothing but my pup Monkey for company. Impulsive Addict, I apologize already for calling you and talking your ear off. 😉

I confess…

That I’m sad to be away from Match for four nights. It’s the longest we’ve been apart since we first started dating. He’s going to try to work some overnight shifts so that will be good. I think the hardest part is knowing how much he loves coming home to Oregon with me and how left out he feels. Sigh, such is the way of the Sheriff Deputy schedule.

I confess…

That I’m so excited to be back home with my family. I haven’t seen my parents since our wedding in September, and I haven’t been to my childhood home since December of 2009. That last trip home was also the trip that Match proposed, so it makes me miss him even more.

I confess…

That I’m kind of nervous/excited about my 10 year reunion on Saturday. I graduated from a class of 60, in a very small town, so it’s going to be intense. I’ve known a lot of my classmates since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve only seen a few of them since graduating. It’s going to be so strange to get together again.

I confess…

That I’m looking forward to the picnic and seeing everyone with their families. It’s going to be so weird to see my classmates as parents! I’m going to really wish I had Match with me that day, especially seeing all of the families together. Good think Ms. PHD will be there with me, flying solo.

I confess…

That the bonfire with the class on Saturday night should be fun. I never partied with my classmates in high school so it’s going to be kind of strange drinking with them now. I may have to reign in my wildness. I’m not sure my small town can handle Drunken Date Girl. She’s kind of a handful!



    Have fun, we never had a 10 year reunion, and I wish we had, so enjoy yours


    Girl…you are so funny! It was nice chatting with you! I’m glad you’re going to your reunion. I didn’t go to mine. It was going to be lame! Lol

    Show them guys how to drink. I believe in you. Match will be waiting for you when you come home.

    Enjoy your visit!! Talk to you soon~


    Hope the 10 year went good! My class is having ours in August. Doesn’t seem real that High School was 10 years ago!

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