Thinking of Getting My Real Estate License

Do people want their real estate advice from someone who leads or from someone who follows? I’m betting these babies [points to fake moustache] are coming back in a big way. Buy low sell high. People are gonna see this and say… that guy is high. Phil-Modern Family

Match and I have been loving my new schedule as the stay at home wifey. I love cooking dinners for him and having the house clean. Most of all I love that we are able to keep the same schedule together when his is so crazy. Eventually I know I will have to work at least part time. I just don’t want to give up this flexible lifestyle we have now, so if I do take advantage of one of the Online Degree Programs out there, it’s going to be in an area where I can still have that flexible schedule. I’ve thought about getting an online degree programs in business and starting my own business, or maybe in real estate. I think having my license would just be smart in general since we want to buy a house. That’s just good knowledge to have as a home buyer and then future home seller. Plus not having to pay a commission would be sweet! Whatever we decide I will probably have to look at and check into student loans, but we’ll see. I’m still freelance writing and loving this gig. If I could turn a bigger profit on that, I wouldn’t have to even go back to working part time, because this would be my job. And that folks would be incredible!

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    lol guess I can let the cat out of the bag now but my old job was in Real Estate. I LOVED it!! I did marketing and I really do want to go get my license when Marine gets out of school. There are a lot of ups and downs in real estate but I think that you have the personality to do great! đŸ™‚

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