Proud of My Deputy

There comes a time when every man needs to make a choice, whether it’s a professional choice or whether it’s a personal choice. In the end, it’s about integrity, and it’s about chasing after what you really want, even if that means showing you both care a little. -J.D., Scrubs

Match has been in the middle of what is called JTO training. It’s jail training for new deputy sheriffs, where they follow another officer and learn how to do their job in the jail system. JTO normally goes for about 7-8 weeks for Match’s department and he’s at that point where he’s just chomping to be out on his own. He said what makes him the most nervous is just having someone watch his every move. He feels confident in the job and just wants to be left to it. He’s been having a hard time with work in the jail and it’s had him a little down. Well Monday he came home practically glowing.

He was given a private meeting on Tuesday with the Sergeant and his JTO officer, who gave him a special recommendation. He said that Match is ready for full duty now, and doesn’t think he needs any further training. So Match got to do his shadow week this week, after just 5 weeks of JTO training. He was shadowed by his JTO officer but he did it all. As of today he officially passed his training!

Many of his fellow recruits are still training and haven’t advanced yet. He is the first one of his fellow recruits he works with to get recommended for advancement, and only one other passed today! This is a huge deal and it is a big boost to his resume. My heart is so full of pride for my hubby. This just confirms how I already felt-he is made for this career and he is going to go far in it. I can feel it.



    Congrats and good luck to your Match! 🙂


    Congrats to your hubby.


    YAY congrats Match! This is wonderful news!

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