Thinking of Moving…again!

“Will you stop all the complaining? You’re ruining moving day for us!” Chandler, Friends

Match and I have been together 3 years this month. In that time, we have moved 4 times. It’s exhausting! We are both so ready for that day that we can say we do not have to start packing boxes and loading up the moving truck.

In the past we’ve moved to all relatively close places, except at the place we are now. We really should have looked into getting moversbecause taking all those cars and getting help from Match’s parents was such a pain. In all honesty, having movers would have been so great for all those other moves too. Moving is just plain tough work!

I’m truly hoping that this next move will be our last for a very long time. We’re hoping to move back to Sonoma County and buy a home in September when our lease is up. How cool would that be? I hope we’re able to afford to do it. I’m ready to plant roots! We’ll be closer to Match’s parents and also to our friends. That’s where we see ourselves for the long haul, and I for one, can’t wait!



    Moving will always make me think of Ross yelling, “PIVOT!”

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