Friday Confessional-World’s End

The World is going to come to an end tonight. Yes think about it. End of the World, Nostradamus, Notre Dame, Fighting Irish, Irish, St. Patrick’s Day. This is it Bro. Bro-pocalypse Now… Bro-Mageddon. -Barney, How I Met Your Mother


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I confess…

That I haven’t written the rest of my post about the Gay Bachelor party because I am waiting on pictures from Tahoe Girl. But she’s terrible about emailing me back so I may have to post without them. Sad panda. Here is one teaser pic that I have from my camera. It’s a terribly flattering picture of me. Being attacked by a cartoon penis. Be jealous!

I confess…

That I do not think the world will end tomorrow. I did tease Match that instead of hanging out with him, I will be hanging out with Geeky who is coming to visit me for a girl’s night out. How bad am I gonna feel if the world actually does end?

I confess…

That our weekend is chock full of fun stuff. Tonight we’re having a long overdue double date with Couple Friends. I don’t think the four of us have had a date night in at least a year and a half. Or as I told her, 1.5 babies ago! After that it’s the aforementioned girls night out with Geeky. We’re going to start out at a Cuban restaurant drinking mojitos and we may end up at a gay dance club. Because that is how we roll.

I confess…

That it’s starting to feel like summer and I’m loving all of the fun social activities. Double dates, girls nights out, weddings, hen parties, high school reunion, road trips, camping, bbqs and pool parties. Bring it on summer, I’m ready!



    That’s funny, I thought there would be way more confessions about the end of the world but not so much…makes you think though right?! I think we’ll be fine! 🙂 Have a great weekend.


    i just found out that the world was coming to an end the other day. i have been wearing my best matching underwear ever since.

    just in case.


    Haha the cartoon penis attack is hilarious!

    Brittany E.

    LOL I love the pic. Well I have to say I found the rapture to be kind of underwhelming ha. But I never believed it would happen in the first place. But I read there was a small earthquake in San Fran today, did you feel it? Did you think it was beginning 😉

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