Cockapalozza 2011: The Decorations

Butt-head(Scoffs) Happiness.

Beavis: Um…you said penis. I just thought I’d tell you that.

Butt-head: I know! Why do you think they call it happiness?

Beavis: Oh yeah! Because when you’re weiner’s happy, you’re happy. –Beavis and Butt-head

Last weekend was Token Gay Guys’ bachelor party. It.was.epic! I’m so glad I was able to go. I will start with a warning for all the gentler readers out there. First let me say there are no pictures of penises. I actually managed to not see a single peepee all weekend, but I did see someone’s goat. More on that later. There will be pictures of cartoon penises so read at your own risk! 😉

My adventure started a day early with a phone call from Tahoe Girl asking if I could pick her up from Bart and take her to her parents house. Match was excited for a little alone time so he didn’t mind that I left a day early. Of course later that night he was already texting me that he missed me. 🙂

We had a relaxed evening watching Parks and Recreation and laughing our asses off. We got up pretty early the next day, jazzed and ready to get to the party. We decided we needed decorations so we went to a sex shop where I quickly took pictures of a rack of sex toys and messaged it to Tahoe Guy. He was at work and told me later just how thrilled he was that I sent that picture. We found some french ticklers that were really cheap, so we decided those had to be favors.

Next stop was Spencers for a Pin the Junk on the Hunk game, some glow in the dark penis straws, and penis shaped balloons. We also stopped by Planned Parenthood and told them we were from a sorority and we were throwing a party and wanted to put out condoms to promote safe sex. The lady looked at us and said,  “What exactly are you planning on doing at this party?” I think she thought we were giant slutskimos. We left laughing our butts off but walked away with at least 40 condoms for $5. We found a party shop that had a make your own banner kit that we had way too much fun with. When we got to the rental house we locked ourselves in one of the guest rooms and made our decorations. We spread out the decorations on the bed and the result was a little overwhelming!

We created condom streamers for the doorways, and displayed the Hunk along with his Junk on one of the walls. The most fun was coming up with phrases using the banner kit. There was a LOT of laughter going on while Token Gay Guy banged on the door asking what the hell we were doing in there.

Here’s the end result.

We decorated Token Gay Guy’s bedroom too.

Token Gay Guy’s reaction was priceless.

More stories of Cockapalozza, aka Peckerfest aka Dong Nights aka Buttbash to come!!



    HAHAHA Peckerfest. Amazing. I have to show this post to my gay friend Steve, he’ll love it. You girls went all out! Were you even on decorating duty, or did you just take it upon yourselves? Sounds like you had a BLAST. So glad you went =)

    One of the Guys

    That is wicked funny! Love the condom story.

    Brittany E.

    Adam is so like that, he goes on and on about how excited he is to be alone and play his video games when I leave town, and then by the next day he is already bored. This pleases me. Greatly!

    Recently I had to go to a sex shop with some classmates for a project for my sex therapy class, I loved all the party stuff. My favorite was the penis cake pan! I love all the decorations. Especially the custom signs!

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