Giants Game and a Double Date

Robin: So now he’s all mad about this stupid movie.

Lily: Robin, he’s upset because you wouldn’t listen to him, not because you didn’t like some movie.

(Cut to Ted talking with Marshall and Barney)

Ted: How do you not like Field of Dreams?!?!?! –How I Met Your Mother

Some of you might remember back in March I won a raffle put on by Match’s academy.

I won 4 tickets to see the Giants game on Tuesday, May 10th. I didn’t think Match’s schedule would cooperate but it did and he got to go with me! We originally invited Good Couple but Good Guy had to work and Sassy Couple joined us instead.

I’m actually really, really glad Sassy Couple came with us because as sweet as Good Couple are, they don’t drink. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but for me, baseball is a lot more fun with a couple of beers. There’s just something about beer and sports that just goes together. Also Good Girl has been a bit of a Debbie Downer lately, and Sassy and I have a lot more fun together.

We met Sassy Couple at the Bart station and headed into the city. When we got there we were super early so we did some city exploring. We noticed that the top of the Hyatt seemed to be revolving and we thought it might be one of those cool revolving restaurants.

We hopped into the clear elevator and headed to the top floor. First of all, I HATE HEIGHTS. So I was having a mini meltdown as the elevator shot to the top. It was so fast my stomach stayed behind on the ground. I managed to snap this shot while hyperventilating.

When we got to the top we quickly realized it was for club members only. We got a lot of dirty looks from snobby people as I snapped pictures of the view.

I loudly asked Sassy where their monocles were.  Then we made snobby noises the whole elevator ride down. “Nahh, see nahh.” We were cracking up.

Next stop was Gordon Biersch for pre-game grub. It’s just a few blocks from the ball park and their beers are delicious.

Sassy and I both ordered the beer sampler because as Sassy kept saying loudly to the waiter, “We like varie-tayy”.

My pint of beer was bigger than my head!

After dinner we finally made it to the game.

I love AT& T park. There is so much to look at that you could be completely entertained without even watching the game. I love this Field of Dreams quote that is up on one of the walls.

Our seats were insane! We were in the lower box, right near the action. I was afraid I was going to hit by a foul ball.

Sassy Girl was embarrassed by my awesome hat.

But then she caved and wore Match’s Monkey hat for a bit.

About halfway through the game we got a text from Tahoe Guy. He was at the game too! We snuck him into our section.

Sassy Couple had fun pigging out on nachos, making silly faces (they were even though you can’t see them) and drinking. I’m sad to say that the Giants fans don’t do the wave. But we still seat danced!


I will admit, the game was actually kind of boring. That’s just because it was almost a no hitter. Then, in the bottom of the 9th, we get a run.

Giants win it!

We had a great night and I can’t wait to go back. Tahoe Guy told us we can get $5 tickets and then just wander around. We will definitely be back again soon.



    Looks like you guys had a BLAST!!! Sad you can’t post the full pics of your pals on your blog– but the hearts are cute 🙂

    Impulsive Addict

    You always bring the fun wherever you go. I’m completely jealous of all your fun you’ve had lately!

    All the more reason for us to meet asap!

    Was that you in the cute glasses?


    Oh looks like fun!!! Love the beer variety sample! How neat 🙂

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